vintage owl bookends and other goodies photographed for Mom's shop...she'll be listing items this week

I found this link among my tweets today, what a beautiful way to anticipate the holiday season...enjoy.

10.29 to 10.30

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This was my first experience using phyllo dough. I learned it really does need to thaw properly. My tarts weren't as pretty as the ones featured in my October Cooking Light, but they tasted delicious. I made one change from the recipe, instead of almonds I used toasted pecans. There is still some dough in the freezer
and a mixed bag of two types of wonderful pears...looks like I'll give it another go this weekend.
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for another day

I am not a furniture refinisher in any way but am so excited about a little table that has been given to me to do what I please. It may have to wait until well after the holiday season, but that's okay, gives me time to think it over and seek inspiration from Barb at knack.

As I was photographing it today I was taken by how beautiful it is in its well-loved state.

In several weeks, after some apple pie and eggnog, after the busy-ness of my shop, photo shoots and shows I will revisit this little beauty and see what happens...

10.25 to 10.26

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not homemade

A little baby bird told me about the salted caramel mocha at Starbucks. I'm a sucker for anything salted caramel. This morning was perfect. Foggy. Chilly. Fall. It was just as good as the baby bird said. The very
last sip is a strong shot of salty chocolate deliciousness. Getting another one tomorrow.

Oh how I have been wanting some pumpkin pie. In my heart I wanted to make one myself but have
not had a moment to do so. Good thing you can get one at the store. It was delicious.

10.17 to 10.18




I haven't been away.
I've been right here.
Eating donuts, packing orders, growing beets, listening to Cut Copy, cleaning, sleeping, organizing images, running in mud, making pumpkin pudding, taking photographs, catching up and falling behind.
See you tomorrow.

10.11 to 10.16



blueberries, cinnamon crumbles and juicy nectarines...one of my very favorite bites in the whole world


mother of mine


The most important thing this weekend was celebrating Mom's birthday. Celebrating Mom...who takes care of all of us and doesn't ask for anything in return only to delight in seeing us happy. In her sixty two years so far she has finally let us look out for her a bit and doesn't seem to mind having three daughters who act like three mothers sometimes. This year she had quite a scare with her skin cancer and I'm so grateful I got to take her to her appointments and support her when she was frightened by what could go wrong. Luckily it all went right.

Mom is truly my best friend, having a uniquely special relationship with each one of her girls. I can share any secret with her. She knows if I have a headache or if something is wrong within two words of a conversation, this always amazes me. She encourages me to create and continue to grow. I am me because of her.

Mom lets me know every single day how much I am loved and that is a gift I hold tightly to my heart.
Happy Birthday Mom! xo

10.07 to 10.09


the good stuff

It was a rainy chocolate chip cookie create art sort of day. I loved it.

The bulbs from Holland arrived. 

10.05 to 10.06


for joelle

I've never met Joelle. Someone who loves her very much ordered a custom piece. I heard Joelle is sweet with bright blonde hair just like her mom's, she looks out for her little sister and her heart belongs to the color pink and cute animals. (Plus she has that adorable name!)

I love it when I get the opportunity to freely create a custom piece with a few clues to go by. This is listed in the shop if you'd like a custom necklace with personalized packaging, too.


sunday to monday

This little guy planted himself between a brick step and the driveway...he is just too pretty to take away and from the hummingbirds even if we do have to step over him.

A second cup of tea. The first one was forgotten about and got so hot it bubbled right out of the pot all over the stove. Ugh. 

10.02 to 10.03



Hermie has taken my devilish rubber duckie for himself, the past few days he has carried it everywhere.
This morning after breakfast he placed it on my side of the bed before tucking himself back in.

And yes, that used to be my sleep mask that Case is wearing.