goodbye november: 11.28 to 11.30
The days since Thanksgiving have been packed with all sorts of things...Hotel Del, fries, leftovers, running, hand pies, sleeping, Christmas decorating, receiving packages, taking photos, ordering gifts, being featured as a cool blog, movie night, laughing, Peterson's donuts, airport trip (twice), hugs, kisses, a mango carrot banana juice from Jamba, ornament swap prep, walking, baking, crafting...and tonight Amazing Race viewing. 


full of thanks
Hermie and I took some time to snuggle and talk about all the people, experiences, opportunities and things we are thankful for, we are so very fortunate. May everyone have a beautiful Thanksgiving today. 


It's a cozy fall day with rain clouds approaching and pies in the oven....cherry and apple peach, yum. 


we are family
I've known Matt and Tammie since before they were Matt and Tammie + three lovely girls. Not only are they wonderful friends but their family is extra special to me because they have three girls just like the family I grew up in. This morning we ventured out before the 20% chance of rain (which still hasn't happened even as I'm posting this) and shot pictures all around the gorgeous Lake Poway Recreation Area, the leaves could not have been more perfect and this family could not take a bad picture, even when Matt was getting his eyes poked out and one of the sisters was feeling under the weather. 


trees, leaves, and mushrooms, oh my
With all that is to be done for Thanksgiving and the hustle and bustle just around the corner it was nice to appreciate a bit of the season that is all around me. 


pumpkin puddin'
I think there are a few pumpkin puddingish recipes floating around this season. I've heard of others and that they tasted delicious, so when I saw Rachel Ray making this on Thursday I thought I would make it, too. Hope it is good, off to share it with friends. Plus a bonus picture of sweet Ladybug getting her afternoon sun with a bit of catnip nearby.        
**later: The pumpkin pudding was delicious, would definitely make it again! I added toasted pecans, whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg on top.**


early bird
Ingrid is an early bird in the ornament swap. I received this sweet smelling cardinal dusted in a beautiful pattern of glitter. I love it, thank you Ingrid! This little cardinal marks the beginning of my holiday decorating. 


week's end: 11.20 to 11.21
New 2009 cards in the shop!                                                                      11.21
SPT                                                                                                                    11.20                                                                   


notebooks + photoscraps
I added a few notebook gift sets (perfect for friends, family, co-workers, or yourself) and "photoscraps" (I am really proud of the clever name), I end up with so many beautiful pieces of metallic and lustre photos from projects, rather than toss them I thought they could be repurposed for another artist.                                                                                                                        
A bit of news: I am part of the Indie Fixx Holiday Giveaway. It is a huge prize which includes many fantastic artists. Just go here to find out the details on how you can be the big winner!


blue skies
What a gorgeous day it was today, the kind when you fall asleep smiling.


Once I saw Lisa Kirkpatrick's work on her blog, then went to her Etsy shop (estasketch) I felt so connected to her art. I couldn't resist this original (limited edition) silkscreen print of a girl and her kitties, now to find the perfect place for it on the wall. 
**She also puts together the very best gift guides on her blog.**


it's a sunshine day
**the birthday girl and her adoring family**
Started the day with this beautiful family...I've known Lisa since my family moved in across the street from hers when I was starting 8th grade. The photo shoot was pure joy from beginning to end. They were up for everything and anything which is how they ended up in a grocery cart. I was laughing the entire time and can't wait to put together their whole gallery from the day! (Happy Birthday, Ally!)


friday + saturday: 11.14 to 11.15
Many holiday gifties that I have already ordered arrived in the mail on Friday (can't show all of them out of their packaging as the people receiving them might be reading this... the calendar is going in my studio). So nice to find fun stuff in the mailbox besides mass mailers and bills.                                                             Saturday brought Case and I to downtown San Diego where we witnessed a Prop8 rally, the people involved were peaceful and passionate, they started the march in beautiful Balboa Park, the heat was unrelenting but spirits were high. 


mighty leaf
Good Morning...made myself a long list of things to do, and the day began with a visit to some Etsy blogs while drinking my tea where I found that  Stelabird is doing a sleepy owl ornament giveaway, her creations are so cute, take a peek. 
**Right now the Etsy Holiday Card contest has gotten a total of 1615 votes, you still have one day to vote...look for the Fa la la la la elf card! Thank you!!**


turkey + swing
I love it when I see Hermie's little big brain in motion, he wanted to go outside and ran back to get one of his favorite toys (a rubber Thanksgiving turkey) then made his way to the swing and began enjoying the sunset and his turkey. 
**Thank you to everyone who has voted for my card already...if you haven't, you still have time to vote, look for the Fa la la la la elf.**


A perfect fall day with these two merry sunshines, their merry mom and my camera. 
**Just found out Etsy Admin chose my card for a contest!! Please go here and vote for me, Fa la la la la.**  thank you


a few things...
Today is the last day to join the ornament swap!!  
Only a few more days for the Indie Fixx Autumn Cornucopia Giveaway (ends November 14th) All of the items in the giveaway are amazingly fantastic (I would love to win one). The jewelry from Starving Artist Bazaar is lovely, I met the artist behind the name and she is sweet and pretty just like her work. 


saturday + sunday: 11.8 to 11.9
I met so many fellow artists/Etsians on Saturday at my first show, it was wonderful. Not only did we share ideas and tips, I got to do a little shopping. I fell in love with delicate silver disc earrings at Sasha Bell's shop, wore them home and picked up a Pure Light candle that smells like pure happiness. My mom (so grateful that she worked the show with me, thank you!) couldn't resist the tiny pocket bear from Did it Myself/happi commmi press. I was delighted to see how much the customers loved my work and so happy to meet each one. The show was well organized and I was so happy to feel prepared and am definitely looking forward to doing many more in the future. After such a full day it was perfect that some rain greeted the day this morning...a bit of relaxation. 


tree adornments
Just finishing up the last of my preparations for the show tomorrow. Maybe if you are in the Los Angeles area I will see you there. 


playing tag
random facts about me 1. I am the middle sister  2. I eat my macaroni and cheese with ketchup 3. I have a degree in sociology.  4. I dream of traveling to Africa someday.  5. My favorite childhood toy was Lightfoot, a lion from Dad.  6. I've only been to New York City once and fell in love with it.  7. I can't stand to hear people chew ice.


lucky leaves
Hermie and I picked up some leaves on our morning walk today and then I saw this project on Design Sponge, so maybe I'll try it out. 
The other day Case and I witnessed a leaf actually falling and decided that meant good luck.