hi there
wasn't sure if this guy hanging on the front light was aware of me and my macro lens until he turned his tiny little head in my direction and said "hi"

maple syrup + blueberry pancakes = sunday

tuna love

the morning glory that grows by the front door has never looked as beautiful as she does this year...she is glorious in the morning and evening, I find myself admiring her often

{8.27 to 8.30}


sleepy august2410_1august2510_1 august2510_2 august2610_1 pink, hot, sunny, sticky, humid, long, napping, morning swim, orange sunset, ponytailed, flip flop, summer days...
:: The lovely Aphrodite from Eye Candies Blog featured one of my photograph pendant necklaces in a giveaway this week. Good Luck! ::
{8.24 to 8.26}


last bites...
{matcha green tea kit kat and lemon birthday cake 8.23}
on sunday
our walk took us by a cemetery plot piled high with pastel flowers, doves, ribbons and banners... tears, love and sadness... {8.22}
love + family
beach + pringles
polaroids + flip
kitties + cake
star candles + a wish
singing + presents
a beautiful birthday!


poptart august2010_2august2010_3 popstar . . . Kadee's kitty Poppy and her favorite toy, an empty box. Her second favorite toy is people toes.
... august2010_5 Saturday is my birthday, how nice it was to find a sweet gift left on my doorstep from my sister-in-law, Bree. Tiny golden antlers of my very own to clip in my hair, I love them and I love that this treasure greeted me when I arrived home today. {thank you Bree!}
... august1910_2 A Biddy Kitty update (see yesterday's post)....Biddy doesn't know how sick he is now, which is best, we have decided as a family to keep loving him up for many more days, to give him licks of ice cream, and when he is ready he will let us know...thank you for the generous thoughts and well wishes.
{8.19 to 8.20}


a heaviness august1810_1 august1810_2 sadness and heat loomed over the day, a kitty in the family may be too sick to get better, we'll know more tomorrow...


sweet nectar august1710_1 ...very sweet, just like the hummingbirds like it


hello bunny
Grampa used to feed the wild bunnies that lived in his neighborhood. I have this photograph framed and see it daily with warm thoughts of living in Pennsylvania and being with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.
Now I live on a different coast and find an abundance of wild bunnies living in my neighborhood. Many visit daily, munching on the front yard or hiding under my car. They scatter and bounce away when I get too close. I wish I knew Grampa's secret... maybe lots of patience and a little bunny whispering.


new arrivals! august1410_1 august1410_2 two baby doves hatched in the lemon tree, mama and babies are looking quite well


beautiful august1310_1 august1210_1 august1310_2 august twelfth was our fifth anniversary as married people, we drove over a bridge to a lush island, took photographs, ate sandwiches, rode bikes and took photographs while riding bikes...it was a blue sky, hearts in the sand with rainbow sprinkles on top sort of day ♡ {8.12 to 8.13}


found august1110_1 august1110_2 ...a bakery that bakes cupcakes made from organic peaches, mixes basil with raspberries, plays smashing pumpkins and is open late, yum!


shake it august0810_1 august0810_2 august0710_2 august0710_1
a happy weekend...some sugar and new polaroid film to play with
{8.7 to 8.8}


found august0510_1 august0510_3 august0510_2 something to marvel (thinking of the preview for Eat, Pray, Love, excited to see it and can't get enough of the song in the trailer, and of course James Franco's cuteness, too)
twisting and turning, the most beautiful shades of yellow and orange...magnificent squash blossoms greet the morning bright and cheerful then curl up to begin again tomorrow


summer love august0410_2 Recently I have fallen in love with two clever brothers, The Neistat Brothers. They are beyond creative. While watching their episodes on HBO I want to jump off the couch and make things, film my life, make words out of paperclips and tape and anything I have handy...then another part of me feels overwhelmed by all I want to create, like my brain is a messy overstuffed notebook that I need to take time to sift through. If you haven't seen them yet, find them and watch and prepare to be inspired.
On another note, other things I'm loving this summer...the color of the sky as the afternoon grows long, the small garden that produced three green beans to go with last night's dinner, very early walks with Hermie when we walk through clouds that have settled into the neighborhoods before everyone else begins their day and sleeping over at Kadee's while she is on summer break from school, we watch movies and eat frozen yogurt...it is absolutely wonderful.


one tiny dancer august0310_3 august0310_2 distracting me with her cuteness while I was making spaghetti
:: Thank you, Chelsea Ann at PaperCakesFinds for the super cute squirrel feature! ::


august july3110_1july30&aug0110_1 july3110_4 august0210_1 two string beans, Urban Barn and lunch with Mom, homemade cinnamon rolls, long afternoon naps, day at the races, custom items shipped and listed, old movies, upcoming holiday shows to plan and think about, Sunday morning brunch, cleaning out, Case's old old bear was found, zucchini that I can't wait to eat, sleepy quiet days...and that's how August arrived and July departed......{7.30 to 8.2}