sending you postcards... january2710_1 The bluebird giveaway has officially ended, the winner is Katy from Winsome Hollow! I appreciate all of the congratulations and kind words!! xoxo
...... january2810_2 These homemade chocolate peanut butter cups have been on my mind since before the holidays, but as time does...it snuck away from me. So happy I finally gathered the ingredients and made them, simple to create and just as delicious as I heard they would be.
...... january2610_1 Thank you....
Mom, the vegetarian lunch you made was delicious, and then to take an afternoon nap on the couch with the sounds of home whirring in the background, beyond comfort.
Samia from burrs & berries, this Valentine feature is beautiful!!
Pam for sending this link of the most delightful computer games, full of sweetness.
Dad, you read about Lily and her baby cub then shared it with all of us.
Candace, for the bag of fresh-from-the-garden-tomatoes-in-January! So good.
Jessica at indie icing, a lovey dovey hugs + kisses feature, with one of my garlands.
Chelsea from paper cake finds, for the oh so cute inclusion in this feature.
Vanessa, the artistic eye behind Little Gray Pixel for shining light on my brooch creations.


That's me! Last spring somebody wonderful at Farrar, Straus and Giroux contacted me to see if I would be interested in having one of my photographs (found via Etsy!) on the cover of a book coming out in January 2010. Today a package was delivered, Mom was over, it was perfect, we smiled and hugged when we saw the published book, two were sent along with a stack of book jackets. It is so exciting to see my work on a published book, but even more so because the book is written by Ariel Gore, I feel honored.
I'm going to read it this week, then go to the bookstore, find it and tell people I took that photograph, then purchase several as birthday gifts to give all year long to all of the women who are close to me.
Kadee suggested I do a giveaway here...a book and print, so yes, let's do that, too. Say something in the comments, be sure I can track you down...giveaway ends on Wednesday, January 27th at midnight pst.


whispers january2410_1january222410_1 january2310_1 of green, pink, yellow and blue
{1.22 to 1.24}


raindrops january2110_1 january2110_2january2110_3january2110_4january2010_4january2010_2 everywhere!
{listening to the wind, rain, and thunder sweeping through Southern California, during brief breaks it is quite beautiful to step outside into the fresh, newly washed surroundings 1.20 to 1.21}


rainy days january1910_1 january1810_3 january1910_4january1910_2 When I got the mail today the cloud above was illuminated with sunlight, it was an amazingly beautiful sight, only an hour before there had been the heaviest of rains, strong winds and only gray skies.
{01.18 to 01.19}


forelle january1710_1 january1710_2 january1710_3 january1710_4 pears . . . with their freckled skin, vibrant colors and petite shape I couldn't resist bringing home a couple to try. Very sweet and delicious!
{pear trivia: forelle means trout, their skin does look a little like a rainbow trout}


Tell me a story january1510_2
I never heard before january1510_1 january1510_3
. . .
{Feeling very grateful for today, have a beautiful weekend.}


evening january1410_1 january1410_2 at home, knit purl knit purl
: : new items in the shop, here and here : :


xoxo january1310_1 january1310_2
: : shop update tomorrow, new cupid inspired creations to be listed : :
Today I worked on hearts, love sayings, and sweet images, while learning more details about the devastation in Haiti. My heart was breaking for all the pain, fear and sadness in all that I saw, and it is heavy, wishing I could physically do something more at this very moment, above and beyond a generous donation.


january1210_1 january1210_2january1210_3 january1210_4
Hermie spends most afternoons beneath any blanket that is handy with just his nose peeking out while he dreams of running through the park leash-free, garage doors opening, and sneaking endless amounts of cat food.


found january1109_1
a tiny jar . . . of light
:: Melissa from californiablue wrote a lovely feature about me and my work. Thank you! ::


sunday january1010_1 walking, fresh tangerine peeling, chatting, yoga stretching, hermie kissing, nephew babysitting, star wars watching, green beans feeding, in n out neapolitan shake drinking, wagon pulling, laughing, teeth brushing, story reading, ladybug cuddling, weekend day


i spy winter january0910_1 january0910_3&4 january0910_4
a southern california winter...blue skies and an abundance of weeds, beautiful wild roadside growth reaching for the sun


i knew you were comin'
january0810_1ajanuary0810_2a january0810_3ajanuary0820_4a
so I baked you a cake, baked you a cake, baked you a cake...
{an ultra-rich chocolate coconut one!}


so clever january0610_1 january0610_2 soft
exquisitely scented
perfectly abstract
made locally
found here or here
{thank you, Kadee}


quintet january0510_1
a 4 am text that my dear friend Tracy was having her baby this morning, hours later a healthy boy joined his mom, dad and two big brothers
Case and I are going to go take a peek at the adorable family this evening.