bunnies + batgirls
me and Pam
cousin Missy, me and Pam (Mom handmade the previous bunny and this Holly Hobby and Queen of Hearts, thanks Mom.)
Kadee and Jonathan 
Some goodies from past years, Happy Halloween to everyone! 


button portrait
So I thought I'd try out Self Portrait Thursday plus I have a new item in the shop, so I combined the two!
***Thank you to buttonkittyan awesome fellow Etsian, and my sister, Pam, the layout turned out perfect...these little cuties became a reality!!***


sweet sweet potato
I realize I just made and posted a pie last week, maybe I will just make one every week until I get tired of making pies (can't imagine that happening). This was my first time trying out a sweet potato pie, it turned out delicious. I'm not even a big fan of sweet potatoes in general, but I do love the name, "sweet potato pie," so I had to try it. I prefer pumpkin pie over this one though. What's your favorite pie flavor? In between bites I posted some cute large tags in my shop, they are great for attaching to most any gift, please take a peek. 
*Last year I participated in a wonderful ornament swap. I just found out sign-ups for this year's swap are on November 1st.


so tiny
This morning Tiny Dancer told me she wanted to be in the blog today, so here she is posing in the rays of sunshine. Not only was I busy documenting her day of snoozing, licking, yawning, purring and meowing (which she does quite often to get my attention), I also updated the shop with some cards and am hoping to add more by the end of the week. Please visit and hopefully you will find a little something for the holidays. 


giveaway + receive 
My first blog giveaway is a handful of deer cards + two stickers to thank you for visiting my blog. To enter just write something nice and be sure to leave a way for me to contact you! Entries will be accepted through midnight tonight. 
*Thank you to everyone who entered. All of your comments were very nice indeed. The giveaway goes to the lovely Jamie this time. Please check back, it was so much fun I think I'll do another soon. 


something sweet
Hope I can resist eating all the Tootsie Rolls before the trick-or-treaters come on Friday, hee hee. I know I would never just buy a bag of Tootsie Rolls for myself, so it is nice to have a few around this time of year. On another note, please come back tomorrow to enter my first blog giveaway! 


sample sale
I have been looking forward to listing these sweet ornaments all week and finally had a chance this morning. Each is one of a kind and part of a sample sale, see more about them here.


I am really appreciating the coziness of being home tonight after a full day out and about. The popcorn is popping, movie ready to be watched, Hermie and the kitties are in snuggle spots and Case just got home with the M&Ms. 


vintage pages
Just today I acquired a box of vintage scraps torn from books published in the early 1900's. I'm planning a shop update and new projects next week so this box of goodies is perfect for that. 


sun + wind
The Santa Ana weather is officially here, the days are hot, dry and windy while the nights are chilly chilly. Along with it comes the feeling of the holidays yet to come, for anyone who has lived in Southern California for a large part of their lives, that is. I have been busy compiling lists of ideas for holiday gifts and decorations as well as craving some pumpkin pie all while wearing a tank top and shorts. 


one, two
Tea, Hermie kisses, pie and crafts all day...wonderful!


a delicious mixture of tart apples and sweet pears topped with lavender sugar...mmmmmm


velvet sunday
This velvet ribbon is so luxuriously lovely, I am eager to use it on a project but the right one just hasn't come to mind yet. 


autumn wish
Wishing and hoping for some weather that remotely feels like autumn. 


A day to catch up on a few things and think about all the stuff I ought to be doing. 


Tuna resting his little adorable head on Ladybug. 


Self-portrait while waiting to meet up with Pam for a bite to eat. 


spin + twirl
Picked up this whirlybird on my walk with Mom and Hermie this morning. 


grub a dub dub...
...disgusting. It was huge, not sure if that is depicted well in the photos. It wiggles around and looks like a huge detached thumb. Case found it in the compost pile. After doing a bit of research I learned it is good to have some, you just don't want to let them take over outside the compost, so I guess that means our compost pile is maturing nicely. 


new glasses
As you can see, I mean the type of glasses you use for beverages. They are very old, but new to me and perfectly pretty.


gramma's buttons
My gramma collected baggies of buttons in her sewing room many years ago. My sisters and I are fortunate to have some of the collection, which we keep with our beading supplies. I have been wanting to make something for my mom out of her mom's buttons, so after much experimentation this is what evolved. Tonight we are officially celebrating with chili, cake, ice cream and gifts, can't wait to give it to her.  


happy birthday to you!
 Happy birthday, dear Mom, happy birthday to you!


Whenever I see old photos at estate sales, shops, flea markets, etc. it makes me a bit sad to think there is someone out there who knows of the people in the photos but somehow they have become lost from one another. I find I want to take the photos home with me rather than have them drifting about with no place to be. That is the case with Margaret, her name was written neatly in cursive on the back. I was going through some photos today and thought this one fit in October. Margaret appears to be dressed up for Halloween, something spooky or as a flower maybe. 


This is Tuna's scary Halloween face. 
Moments later he was looking much sweeter. 


I left my heart...                                                                               10.3 to 10.6
...in San Francisco. 


3-day memories
Five years ago at this time my mom, sister and I walked the 3-Day in San Diego for the first time. The following year Kadee and I volunteered for lunch crew and my mom walked. 
The 3-day was one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities I have ever experienced. They really used you up in a good way and just being a part of something so large and emotional was a gift in itself. 
It felt good to go through the pictures and think about all the people we met, memories made and money we brought in to help breast cancer patients and research. If you haven't done The Breast Cancer 3-Day yet, I highly recommend it, it is a wonderful experience. 


squash delight
What to do with a butternut squash when you meant to purchase a spaghetti squash?? I just did an internet search for "butternut squash dessert" and found a simple recipe I think will be sweet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and toasted coconut on top. I made a small adjustment to even make it gluten-free. Then I went back to the store and got the spaghetti squash I wanted to make this for dinner. The tasting hasn't happened yet, but maybe I'll add a note after posting to let you know how the squashy dinner and dessert turned out.  
**added note...it was delicious!