nest home
A little while ago two doves were looking at this planter, but seemed to have moved on.
Then, maybe a week ago, I watered the plant and saw what looked like the beginnings of a nest, some sticks and branches tucked into the center.
Yesterday when I watered the hanging plant (they don't need watered often) I was surprised and so was the dove when I sprayed water into her nest and on her...I felt terrible.
There lay a cluster of beautiful dove eggs.
Luckily I didn't scare her away completely, I left her alone once she returned...until today when I climbed up on the cedar chest to check on her through the bedroom window, just a quick peek.
I'm going to check everyday so I can see the babies when they hatch!


Last Wednesday at the farmers' market I met a little girl with an infectious smile, she ordered a customized pendant with the letter "e," for Ema (it's even spelled adorably to match her adorableness). I thought it would look just right with a personalized tag to go with it.


july2809_1 july2809_3 july2809_4
in the morning light, my feet touching the floor for the first time today, petting three kitty heads while serving them breakfast, the rustic fence I passed while walking, pink flowers, sun flare, Hermie's stretch, and the day begins.


a spider feast
...maybe a dinner party with spider friends is planned for this evening, an interesting and unusually pleasing pattern of caught insects hanging among the gardenias in a rainbow shaped web, just something I noticed while having some watermelon on the swing.


7.26....Mom adores her Wheetie boy, and he adores Mom, orange kitty love...there's nothing quite like it.
...... july2509_1 july2509_2
Demetri Martin at Spreckles, cleverly hilarious.
Afterwards, a late showing of 500 Summers, fantastically romantic, heartbreaking and dear all at the same time.


monsters + clouds
7.23...These party monster and zombie pendants are on their way to Kerry from papermoongallery. Kerry and I met at the Spring Unique show and worked out a collaboration. If you'd like one, a limited amount will be sold in her etsy shop and some future shows. Her felt creations are like nothing I have ever seen...enchanting, magical and original in every way, always with a touch of glitter, I love them!!
7.22....The sky was actually pink, as if powdered strawberry nesquik had been stirred right in. If you are a cloud appreciater (I am!) you might like to visit here.


my dad
.... likes a chocolate cake with blue frosting for his birthday (because that's how it was when he was little), shares his apple on Sundays with Hermie, had a pet crow named John, slept under the stars with his brother, grew up in Pennsylvania, loves to fish, wears a shady brady while building beautiful fireplaces and walls with bricks and stone, wrote letters to Mom from his navy ship during the Vietnam war, enjoys evenings playing poker or toasting marshmallows out back, will come at a moment's notice no matter the time of day, wears blue to match his blue eyes, shares the number 21 with me, sings a funny chicken song, and is the very best dad in the world, has always been gentle and loving and supportive with all of his girls, thank you, Dad. xoxo
Happy Birthday!!!


royal, powder, robin's egg...
a painted robot on the Dick Blick window,
the clear sky with tiny flags to announce a new shop opening
the backdrop behind puffy puffy clouds on a hot hot summer day
the shadows and light during a night zoo visit . . . roar!
7.19 to 7.20


java chip
me:..how is the java chip?
starbucks guy:..amaaaaaazing
swirly goodness with bits of rich chocolate sprinkled in


july baby
Today we celebrated my older sister, Pam's, birthday. An evening of Mom's homemade chili, a german chocolate cake from scratch, gifts, and family.
She is a blueberry buckle baker, caretaker, shares all she's got and more, lover of green tea (long before it was the drink to drink), my older sister and best friend, she gives me advice late into the night, is always up for jacuzzi, thinks of others before they think of themselves, she remembers our past when I forget, delights in unusual chocolate bars, has the most beautiful handwriting and distinctive laugh, I love her, I was born and she was there... to hold my hand, support me, show me and love me. Here we are many moons later, and I don't know a life without her and wouldn't want to even imagine it.
: : : Happy Birthday, Pam! : : :


little sister, big brother
While photographing my best friend's children's cuteness, I said "touch noses," so they did. We all laughed very hard at the literal interpretation of what I'd said, it makes me laugh now to think how quickly they did it, though it was a strange request for picture taking.
...... july1409_2
After hugs, silliness, galosh wearing (in case of critters), jumping, and giggling...
...... july1409_3
...they touched noses in perfect sweetness.
Photographing these two is one of my favorite things to do, to capture the love, grumpiness, smiles, frowns, and happiness of their childhoodness.


july1309_1 july1309_2
early sunshine, strawberries, blue sky, heat, laundry, many pendants, out to lunch, sunshine, cherries, swinging with Hermie, bird watching, bird listening, blog post...


7.11 to 7.12 . . . a place to lay your head
Helped with a move-in this weekend, ah . . . to start fresh, makes me want to take everything out, sort, then move it back in.


ooh la la
7.9 to 7.10..Just enough lemon bar leftover from a late evening at Extraordinary Desserts for afternoon sweetness . . . one more bite, please.


mini bouquet
. . . to celebrate being a part of the UNIQUE Los Angeles/Space 15 Twenty mini-market, save the date for August 23rd...more details to follow in the next few weeks.


and then
the sun set, glowing a golden yellow like no other


7.06......To see Hermie soaking up the sun go here, but be prepared for ultimate cuteness!
. . . july0509_1
7.05......Friends in high places . . . Case got an email from his childhood friend, Tyson, that he would be flying over our city on Sunday. He made sure to fly by and wave hello on his way to Los Angeles, I loved seeing both the Coast Guard helicopter circle above us and Case's face as he waved hello to his dear friend.
. . .
7.04......A cozy fourth with family, missing Pam as she was off on a trip the eve before and luckily saw an early fireworks show from the airport before flying off.


happy fourth
july0309_1 july0309_4
May your weekend find you in sunshine, eating berries, taking a dip, smelling the aroma of outdoor summer cooking, at the edge of your seat watching Jaws or singing along with Yankee Doodle Dandy, and taking in the brilliant sparkles booming into the night sky . . .


little worlds preserved in solid organic polymer . . . to be in the shop very soon
. . .
**a thank you to, Case, the science illuminating the art**