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Thank you so much for all of your good thoughts and well wishes for sweet Hermie. It is amazing how wonderfully he is doing since his arrival home on Saturday.

It turned out that he had two herniated discs which meant surgery on his back and neck.

He doesn't know that he's in for weeks and weeks of rest. Keeping his little spirit in the crate or a leashed supervised hovering over "nest" next to me on the couch is tough and the very best thing for him.

Our family feels so very fortunate for the care Hermie received and the continued calls from his doctor
and our beautiful family and friend support.

Thank you, from the bottom of Hermie's precious little heart.

5.25 to 5.29


little H

I didn't know a couple weeks ago when this special ring was ordered for me (thank you Mom for the gift and Raychel from Fruition Jewelry for your beautiful work) that it would arrive on the very day I had cried so many tears for my Hermie.

He is going to be okay, it is looking very good for him. As I write this he is in surgery. I have worried myself sick...taking photographs and blogging is a good distraction from earlier today, especially since he is in the very best hands and hopefully going to be feeling much better.

Hermie woke up early this morning in a significant amount of pain, as the morning progressed and after going to the emergency room at 4 am then to his regular doctor at 9 am, he started to decline and show neurological damage. This is very common in dogs with long backs...they have very long spines and have a lot of discs that can become herniated.

We feel very fortunate for the wonderful doctor who cares for him on a regular basis and his doctor doing the surgery today. It is frightening to make decisions on what is best for him and each one of them has been so kind, comforting and supportive.

Today also would've been my Gramma's 87th birthday. I think that's a good sign, her spirit is looking out for Mr. Hermie Monster.



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A little gem I overheard while Rachael Ray was on the other day. Hmmm, chocolate milk and berries and green tea!! I googled it later to find it really was only three ingredients and has the potential to ward off wrinkles...so I made it, for two days now.

Dr. Oz calls it the Wrinkle Fighting Smoothie, I think Baby Face Smoothie is much cuter.

1 cup low fat chocolate milk (I used light Soy chocolate milk.)
1/4 cup unsweetened green tea (brewed 4 cups and have in the fridge for future smoothies)
1 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries (I went with the big antioxidant guys...all blueberries!)

Blend and enjoy.

It is really delicious, whether it has the chance to do any good this late in the game I don't know, but it's a wonderful way to start the day or for an afternoon break.

Thank you for all the support and kind words for Mr. Hermie. He is sleeping as I write this and seems to be healing up very well so far! 

5.22 to 5.23



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I've been spending my time snuggled to Hermie or wishing I was snuggled next to him when I'm not.

Poor little guy's back is hurting so he's on some meds and bed rest for awhile with sunshine breaks in the afternoon.

5.17 to 5.21


been missing you...

may1612_1 may1612_2                                                                    farmers market bounty  may1512_1                                                                evening Hermie walks

Looks like summer is truly right around the corner. Can't wait!

5.15 to 5.16




may1012_2  may1012_1                                          new jewelry for the show...hanging earrings and wrap around bracelets may0912_1
                                                                         my little helper and nuggle breaker

Leading up to Unique LA was so very busy in the very best way. New prints have been added to the shop already...fresh cards and jewelry items coming this week. It was absolutely wonderful to meet so many new people and see many who have purchased from me before. My family was such a big help, I really couldn't have and wouldn't want to do it without them.

Unique is coming to San Francisco and New York, too! The focus is designers and artists who are local and make their products in America. It is truly unique and the largest independent design show in the country. On top of the shopping you meet the artists, there are DIY crafts and amazing food. 

Today I caught up on sleep.

Then late in the evening I discovered a critter dug up a few of our precious tulip bulbs that were still in the ground growing big and fat for next year. This made me so sad. Hopefully we can salvage the rest and some of our family will have extras they can pass on to us next year.

*The beautiful mug at the top of the post is by Klai Brown. She is an absolutely lovely person and it was a treat to meet her and take home one of her creations. 

*See more of Unique LA on Elizabeth of Please Note's blog

5.5 to 5.14



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Awww, they're smiling, how can we eat them up in a salad and chopped up on nachos?


things i'm afraid to tell you...


The purples and greens are the beginnings of purple beans growing in the garden. It wasn't until I saw a link to a post on my twitter feed that today's post came together though.

When I started to blog my intention was to just take a photo a day and develop my skills and style. That was quite some time ago. A simple mac blog turned into a blogger blog and lately I've been thinking about moving to another format.

Inspired and a borrowing of words from this post, I feel like peeling back a layer, being a little "naked and free" if you will.


Cat puke is a part of my life, weekly, although you won't ever see a photo of it here. Ladybug has a sensitive stomach and after many appointments and different food experiments we seem to have finally found one that settles her tummy.

When I was an elementary school teacher I felt confined and boxed in by the curriculum and bell schedule, but now I wonder if working on my business at home has given me too much freedom, too much time to not get done what I want to get done.

I crave to expand my shop to more than photographs and photograph related items but find myself discouraged when new items don't sell quickly and then I very quickly lose the motivation.

Unless you grew up in the same house with me or live with me now you wouldn't know that I have a hot head, a very hot head.

The word "poop" is my word. I find it funny and have a small collection of magnets using the word that my family has given me.

I didn't finish reading the Harry Potter series. It just took too long for that final one to come out so Case summarized it for me.

Sometimes I feel very discouraged because of all the gorgeous blogs and work I see out there so much so that I avoid twitter, blog feeds and the internet in general for days because I feel inferior. Am I really all full up on my "online presence" or is this the real reason I'm not on Pinterest, too...

I have never filled my own gas tank. There I said it.




If you're in Southern California Unique LA is right around the corner...come shop, eat, create, meet Caine,
and be inspired (I am always in aww of the art and design around me!)

I'll be at Table 105, come by and say hello.

Back to work...



a little bit of my younger self, a beach location just right for a special shoot, inspiration, time to work on new creations, family history, happiness and bittersweetness, the laughter of old friends, kitty paws, kitty purrs, the iron, strawberries for shortcake making, courage and perseverance when I thought I had nothing left to give and a soft place to fall after a succession of very busy days

Mom and Dad just moved back into the home we grew up in. Grateful I could help them pack, sort and clean out. Ever so grateful we got to do it together. I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride for my family...seeing us all work together. So much so that today I found myself crying as I drove home from the store, just thinking about all we accomplished. I think the tears were mostly from happiness and the love I have for my family but also a little exhaustion, too.

4.25 to 5.01