holiday hotness
Just got my promotional postcards for the Holiday Hotness Bazaar in Los Angeles. I am so excited for the show and feel very fortunate to have my name among the other artists. 


Boston 9.25 to 9.29
What a wonderful city Boston is...from the historical Freedom Trail to Mike's Pastry. I got my first taste of real Boston cream pie and it was even more delicious than I imagined. The history was so rich, the weather so very wet, the leaves were just beginning to change, Harvard was breathtaking, the shopping in boutiques was delightful, the "T" was an adventure each day,  and along the way we encountered the nicest people. I learned that a Dunkin' Donuts can be found on every street. Our umbrellas were our constant companions for most of the trip, on the last day when the sun started to peek out we appreciated how cozy and fun the rain had made our trip. 


'tis the season
New cards for the holiday season have been added to the shop. A limited amount are part of a preview sale until October 1st. 


A few childhood photos of my husband, Case...Happy Birthday!!!


autumnal equinox
Hermie catching his first rays of autumn sunshine. 


pretty in pink
My Great Aunt Betty celebrated her 8oth birthday today. She was curious about the photo on the cake, so she just put her finger on it and was so delighted and a bit surprised when it turned out to be frosting. She was presented with a beautiful scrapbook put together by one of her daughters and at the end was something Aunt Betty had written about her earliest memories. I found it so sweet I shared an excerpt below. 
...but I remember when I got close to home I knew that I was going the right way, because I saw my mom standing on the back porch washing her hair in the rain water. She was singing, that meant she was happy. 


morning snack
Amazing and creepy at the same time, more amazing though. 


itty bitty ballerina
What a treat it was to be invited to see this little dancer in action today. She did a bit of tap, ballet and gymnastics. Today was bring-a-friend-day for the students but it also seemed all the parents brought friends and grandparents, too. It was quite a challenge to capture images through the glass, video cameras and beaming adults, but definitely worth it for these sweet moments.  



vintage map & chilled lemonade
Now that the kitchen is officially being updated I am itching to update everywhere, most especially with new paint colors. I picked up some paint samples to think about, I always love the names of the colors, sometimes just the right name will win me over. 


identity in progress
Pam has been working on some ideas for my mark/logo. Last week we narrowed down the font, which I really love. I am so excited to have my professional identity for the portrait photography side of my work. While I was meeting with her I snapped a few images of her workspace. 


The past few mornings have been blanketed with a thick layer of fog 
when I take Hermie out for a morning break. In a small corner of the 
yard under the rose bushes I found this tiny leaf sparkling in the sunrise.  


Greg & Diane
Diane and Greg were married today surrounded by family, friends, 
sunshine, the ocean breeze, their special song, hugs, kisses, laughter, 
and the most delicious coconut cake. It was beautiful from beginning to end. 



The mailman delivered a very adorable postcard from
an adorable someone.
Today I remember where I was seven years ago, waking
up at a hotel next to Disneyland with plans to return to
the shops and have breakfast. Seeing on the news what
had happened, but not making any sense of it. Disneyland
among other prominent public places was closed. I saw
from my window families heading towards the park with
strollers, mouse ears and excitement and realized they
had not seen the morning news, they didn't know what
had happened, yet.


Today and the rest of the week I will be adding new items to the shop.


tiny kitty prints
Dad prepped to lay tile on the kitchen countertops this morning.
The kitties weren't too happy about having to stay in the utility room
all day, extra breakfasts and the sunshine made them feel better. They
can't wait for me to let them out so they can dance all over the drying
cement making tiny kitty prints. The kitchen looks wonderful while it 
is in progress, I am so excited and appreciate Dad working on it today. 


sweet adornments
I received such charming jewelry for my birthday, I find I want to wear 
the same pieces everyday! The earrings were made by Mark Poulin
and the bracelet was created by Nicole Lorentz. Both are inspiring
reminders to recognize the sweetness and opportunity to evolve everyday. 


dew in the morning
Weeks ago Dad, Hermie and I saw lovely dew kissed 
webs early in the morning on one of our Sunday walks, 
they were just beautiful. I didn't have my camera that 
day and since then we've had such dry warm mornings. 
Today everything was under a cover of fog as the sun 
was rising, perfect for photographing a bit of early
morning beauty. 


love & marriage
My mom's cousin and her partner got married 
yesterday, it was a beautiful and joyous occasion.  


notes of gratitude
Inspired by large number stamps and colorful inks...I stamped and thank youed the afternoon away.