for joelle

I've never met Joelle. Someone who loves her very much ordered a custom piece. I heard Joelle is sweet with bright blonde hair just like her mom's, she looks out for her little sister and her heart belongs to the color pink and cute animals. (Plus she has that adorable name!)

I love it when I get the opportunity to freely create a custom piece with a few clues to go by. This is listed in the shop if you'd like a custom necklace with personalized packaging, too.


knack said...

so fantastic!


Meeling said...

Too cute and Joelle sounds just lovely!!

Love your packaging!!

ConnieLou said...

The necklace is adorable...the packaging is fantastic!

Julie said...

I love that packaging, Stacey. What a lucky little girl! And, yes, Joelle is such a beautiful name.

Stephanie said...

very pretty! I love the name tag on the package :)