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I am not a furniture refinisher in any way but am so excited about a little table that has been given to me to do what I please. It may have to wait until well after the holiday season, but that's okay, gives me time to think it over and seek inspiration from Barb at knack.

As I was photographing it today I was taken by how beautiful it is in its well-loved state.

In several weeks, after some apple pie and eggnog, after the busy-ness of my shop, photo shoots and shows I will revisit this little beauty and see what happens...

10.25 to 10.26

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Duni said...

Hi Stacy,

I absolutely adore furniture with a bit of "patina". You have captured it beautifully!

knack said...

I saw this photo in my news feed, and got butterflies in my tummy when I saw my favorite girl photographing furniture!! It is so beautiful, you captured it so beautifully.....I seriously love, love it.

....and thank you for the link love too :)