kadee kazoo's march3110_1 When my little sister was little (she is six younger than me) she would set up a "restaurant" during the summer break. This eventually led to me typing up and laminating a menu with items such as pizza and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Since that time she has grown up and is currently pursuing her medical degree...but that doesn't stop her from making her delicious soups, pizza, chocolate cherry cookies, and her latest venture...homemade Indian food.
I mentioned to her that I'd be dropping off a piece of strawberry pie to her today and she said to help myself to the leftovers from the dinner she made last night.
So there I was in Kadee's kitchen eating the very delicious food she made (don't know what it was called) while she was tucked away somewhere in a classroom or lab learning about some part of the body and how it functions. I thought to myself that Kadee Kazoo's is still around, it is just where ever she is.


strawberry pie... march3010_1 forever.
march2910_1 New...for upcoming spring shows here and here, plus the shop...to be added soon.
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breakfast for two march2610_1 Some mornings it is just me and Ladybug enjoying our own bowls of cantaloupe, hers is very tiny, mine is average size...the juiciness is delicious and the conversation is full of happy meows and meows for more.
... march2510_1 rose, pink, blush, fuchsia, flush, roseate...Thursday's garden
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shades of white, ivory and cream...samples for a bride-to-be
{more corsages in the shop or contact me for a custom order}


chocolate donut march2210_1 ...with two sprinkles and lots of coconut on top
{thank you Kadee!!}


outside march2110_1 the yards are mowed
there is weeding to be done
patios to enjoy
seeds to plant
dinners to grill
shorts to wear
ah...the first weekend of spring



found march1810_1 ...the most beautiful crumb fallen from a rainbow cupcake {thank you, Jenny}
... march1910_1 ...succulents thriving after all the rain and neglect, I find myself warming up to these fat water retaining plants
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wear green march1710_1 look for leprechauns
cut a cross in the bread to let the fairies out
share an Irish proverb
celebrate the luck of the Irish
pinch people not wearing green
follow the leprechaun you found to that pot of gold
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


march1610_1 march1510_1march1510_2march1510_3march1510_4
Lily and her cub are so precious, look at them all snuggled up together. These shots make it look as if I was right outside their den (that would be amazing!). No, I was here just taking screen shots. Take a peek, they will leave this cozy nook soon. Just to hear the baby purring away as she eats or Lily bathing her from toe to head is pure sweetness.
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the napping house... march1410_1 march1410_2 march1310_1 and other stories.
On Sunday morning the white jasmine greeted me with whispers of spring, sunshine and the most beautiful fragrance. I plucked a handful of blossoms and strung them along a thread to make a garland to hang inside.
All the kitties have been keeping an eye out for a new bunny friend who has been visiting, he was nose to nose with Ladybug through the sliding glass door the other morning. Unfortunately he likes to dig up and eat the roots of some plants that I like very much.
Recently I have done a lot of gift buying through Etsy, and every single item has been wonderful, so here are some links if you are looking to buy for babies or little girls...
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happy march1210_1 news
I will be one of the vendors at the Queen Bee Market on May 1st! More information here about the two busy bee sisters who are putting this lovely handmade market together.


clean march1110_1 march1010_1 shine
Clocks will be turning, spider babies will be flying, lighter fabrics will be worn, more cleaning than usual will be done...yes, spring is on the way.
:: A very sweet feature from Kelly at Kirrey Blog here. Thank you! ::
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little scraps march0910_1 of paper
Case organizes his thoughts on random neon post-its that find their way into the laundry, backs of envelopes from opened mail and pads of paper from the local realtor. At one time I suggested a single notebook to contain his notes about scientific experiments, football players, things to remember, etc.... after a short time the random bits of paper were back.
Today I came across one that had four words, "Casablanca" and "The Big Lebowski." He wrote it on Oscar night and tucked it in his jeans pocket, a fleeting thought, two movies I know he would like to watch with me...made me smile at how simply sweet that is.


chocolate + glimpses of spring
3.8 a late morning breakfast of brownie, thank you Mom
... march0710_1
3.7 fragrant fresia in purple showered by the weekend rain, beautiful in every single way
... march0610_1
3.6 vintage cards from an estate sale, signed from "Mommie + Daddy"
... march0510_2
3.5 To wake up in a garden of yellow and green with touches of orange, these gorgeous sheets and other items new in Mom's shop here.


tea + stars march0410_1march0410_2 A sweet surprise, the local Jamba had new items this morning, instead of my usual matcha green tea smoothie, I tried the warm version, delicious and quite cozy (as the cup indicates) on a chilly morning.


found march0310_1 vascular bundles of beauty
... march0310_2 Mary's little lamb
... march0310_3 last year's nest
... march0310_4 shades of crimson
... march0310_5 weathered cattails
... march0310_6 wild flowers
not pictured, but found...a tick on my hat, can't get it out of my head that he was within inches of my hair


march0210_2 Heartbreaking, beyond words, a local story that grew to touch hearts well beyond the community here.
march0210_1 february272810_1 march0110_1
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