after midnight
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Sometimes an idea pops into my head and I will figure out the steps on how to execute it while I'm driving, showering, falling asleep, etc. and I can't stop thinking about it until I try it out. The garland above is what's been fluttering around my brain the past week, so there I was well after Friday evening had passed and Saturday morning was upon me, working on what I had visualized. It will decorate the birthday girl's day...the same number of butterflies for the number of candles on the cake, with sparkly dates and hearts stamped across the pages of  a worn out well loved classic book to mark the celebration of a very special birthday.  


thank you
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Two awards have come my way this week, an honest scrap from cabin+cub and a lovely one from anunofakind.
10 honest to goodnesses about me...
  • can't resist a matcha green tea jamba
  • have never had a cavity
  • don't like to work in groups
  • celebrate my birthday with lemon cake
  • am the middle sister 
  • found Hermie in the middle of the street
  • have been stung by a bee only once
  • know and love every episode of The Brady Bunch
  • can eat endless amounts of pancakes and toasted marshmallows
  • thought I'd be living on the moon by now (according to my 3rd grade mind)
 : : : Instead of passing it on, tell me something honest to goodness about you. : : :


piece of cake
The last slice of lemonade cake made for a sweet midmorning treat while working on some butterfly garlands...soon to be listed in the shop


Pam got my website up today, you can see it here, she designed the entire layout. It is beautiful, exactly what I wanted!! (thank you, Pam!!!)
Also, I learned how to make rounded corners, been wondering how to do it for awhile. 


I have a lemon tree that grows the most wonderful lemons year 'round, but today was the first batch of fresh lemonade for the season, and oh it was delicious. There are quite a few, might just be a lemony sort of week full of tart goodness. 


weekend in polaroids    
may232409_1 may232409_4 may232409_2 may232409_3
5.23 to 5.24
Case and I have been singing along to some old Billy Joel on his itunes, after I said I wasn't into his music, turns out I know quite a bit and actually love some of it, especially the Bosom Buddies song, "My Life," amazing all the words just flowed right out like it was yesterday I was in my purple knickers watching some great 80's t.v. 



I set up shop at a nearby farmers' market...met nice people, ate fresh food, and smiled at the sock creature who was securing my tent and kinda smiling back at me. 
farmers_market_2a  Pam took this pic of me today, thank you


cora jean
: : : custom scrabble tile necklaces in the shop... (that's Gramma as a little girl) : : :


: : : a few new necklaces in the shop : : :


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My husband, Case, and his sister, Bree, flew through the air on the trapeze this afternoon, it was amazingly fantastic to watch them. They went from swinging, all the way to doing a catch . . . they flew, swung, breezed by and fell freely into the netting. A perfect birthday gift from a big brother to his little sister. See them flying here and here.   
glitter +  a cream puff      5.16.09
Saturday... visited Glitterfest, saw and chatted with Kerry from Paper Moon Gallery, leisurely lunch with Mom, walked through shops, delightful dessert at Cream Pan . . . then home to Hermie and a nap, thought about cleaning out the garage but didn't, and watched The Sting instead. 


Friday love
I've only been up a short time but Friday looks to be a great day, so far...a good sleep, tiny elbows (Hermie's elbows are the cutest in the world), lovely skies and chai tea with breakfast. 


oh so pretty
Mom found some lovely vintage jewels today to put in her Etsy shop. One bracelet needed a tiny wire fixed on the back so she sent it home with me to fix, but now I fear I am falling in love with this sweet treasure and it may not make it back to her. 


A new farmers' market opened today nearby my house, Wednesday afternoons just got a little nicer. I'm thinking of trying out a table there so I picked up an application, too. 


Thank you for all the good thoughts and baby bird love yesterday.                                                                                                                                                                               
: : : spring/summer notebooks just added to the shop : : :


a window seat
Well, when I woke up this morning the little birdie (see yesterday's post) wasn't doing very well, very lethargic and not singing. I sat outside hoping to see some clues as to where a nest was hidden nearby, but did not have any luck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
I called the local wild life organization and found a place that could take our little guy and get him to a place where he will be released back into his environment. This was actually more difficult than I anticipated it being, a big part of me wanted to figure out how to care for him and do it myself, and the other part of me wanted to put him in trained hands to ensure his life would be okay. 
So I came home from leaving him and was feeling blue, listening to the neighborhood tweeting away, wondering where he fell from. The kitties have been engrossed in birds and wind outside the window, but still I have not seen a nest. I just called where he was dropped off to check on him (they encouraged me to do so) and he is doing quite well...so when he is older he will be free again, singing outside my bedroom window (I hope )


more than ten
morning walk, fog, flowers, family, fruit salad, Mom's kitties, gifts, afternoon movie with Mom (Grey Gardens...fascinating story!), sweet surprises on my pillow, dinner out, fortunes...then we found a little fledgling by the mailbox when we got home . . .                              
We immediately read on what we should do, which is put him in some foliage and he will chirp and the parents will find him, only he didn't do that he hopped out of the foliage and ran (very very fast), tripping and somersaulting, to the middle of the street. We tried other attempts and finally when Case lifted him up the last time he immediately nestled down and fell asleep. So now Case is on the couch with our new birdie sleeping in the warmth of his hands...I hope we can try again with the parents in the morning.may1009_2
: : : Today while celebrating my wonderful mom I participated in the Ten on Ten, taking a photo every hour for ten hours on the tenth day of the month. Mine became a Twelve on Ten only because I couldn't help but post pictures of the fledgling we found hours later after putting together my original "ten." : : :                                                                   


good morning
Strands of dew droplets strung among the flowers this morning. 


may0809_1a may0809_2b
A few glimpses of my day in Los Angeles (picking up my mom's car, had troubles last weekend, ordered parts, mostly fixed now...) driving, car place, lunch, more driving, finding a store that no longer exists (super bummed, hoping to find the perfect cotton summer dress there) coconut gelato, power line love all the way home...then my camera battery ran out. The very best part was just getting a day all to myself with Mom (I love that lady!).


ninety degrees today, ugh...it did put me in the mood to paint my toenails, drink a strawberry lemonade and look at swimsuits online, though


*just added new brooches to the shop...delightful for spring weddings, evenings under the stars, proms, summer outings . . .


unique la!      5.1 to 5.4
Of course I couldn't help myself from making a few purchases and/or trades. The original artwork is from Rachel Austin, my new necklace is from Sasha, those napkins are so soft I think I would like to wear them somehow, they are from beyondher, and Case loved this shirt by I Heart Guts. Plus my mom purchased a sweet something from Paper Moon Gallery but I didn't have it here to photograph. It was an exhausting weekend, exhausting in the very best way, so now I'm off to go lay around in my pajamas, snuggle with Hermie and fall asleep watching a movie.                                                                                                                                           
Kadee and I made a quick garland in the morning, Saturday and Sunday were both busy days of selling items, meeting people and finding inspiration from the artists around me. I met the talented people behind Creative Thursday and Chocolate and Steel, both of which I've admired their work form afar.  I was so very fortunate to share the booth space with Sasha Bell who is a fantastically wonderful person and makes equally amazing jewelry, plus Mom and Case came on different days to work the booth with me (thank you!). Sonja is the heart behind Unique LA, she did a phenomenal job of organizing it, advertising it, and making it a huge success from start to finish.                                               
Friday was a full day of driving, traffic, set-up, car trouble, Joan's on Third, final preparations, and beautiful evening skies. I went home wondering all sorts of things like if I'd made enough, would people find me, do I need a garland hanging above my table....