two february2610_1 february2510_1 days, leading up to the weekend, been busy photographing, stringing, cutting, listing and sketching out ideas...
Recently I was feeling a bit lost (creatively), but am found again...new listings, more to come and fresh prints next week, too!
: : Thank you Kelly for adding me to your blogroll, a collection of such inspiring blogs!! : :
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tiny mushrooms february2210_1 february2210_2 wrinkly, soft, spotted, crooked, and beautiful...probably poisonous, too.


homegrown + homemade
Sunday afternoon at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market, gorgeous strawberries (in February!) came home too, but they were in the 'fridge already.
...... february2010_1
Oh my, individual Blueberry Coffecakes with Cinnamon Crumbs, made a batch for Mom to take to an event. They disappeared quickly, and a few people inquired if I had a bakery . . . sometimes I do dream of having my very own bakery.
...... february1910_1
knit, knit, knit...Olympic watching, Hermie snuggling, rain listening
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puddin' february1810_1 made from scratch . . . a clever mixture of soymilk, chocolate chips, espresso granules, etc.


hearts rainbows stars february1710_1 february1610_1 This morning I visited my friend Tracy, a mother of three boys. She told me a story about a little girl that came to visit the other day, instead of humming the tune of Star Wars or making battling sounds, this sweet ray of sunshine danced in a circle, singing hearts rainbows stars, over and over. Just yesterday the feeling of being about ten rushed through me, I could feel and sense what it was to not have any worries, to think I would live forever, to not know what it is to get a wrinkle or even care. I think it was the time of day, the sun was coming in the window just so, I had eaten a Jell-O cup for a snack, it was wonderful and sad at the same time.
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chirp chirp february1510_1 february1510_2 Hermie and I sat on the patio swing soaking up the sunshine and watching the birds, so many of them, crunching, flicking and fighting over the birdseed. Only a week ago it was pouring rain, and now something like summer is visiting in February!


valentine's day february131410_1 pink red roses chocolate love kisses hugs hearts surprises
:: expressions of love written in white chocolate for the ones I love, recipe here ::
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friday's february1210_2 morning out with Mom...new goodies for the garden {thank you!}
thursday's february1110_2 memory
In the sixth grade Nicky Snow put this bracelet and a box of Whitman's chocolates in my desk during recess on Valentine's Day. As I was organizing my jewelry this afternoon, I came upon a tiny box inside a box where this was tucked away. I never wore it, it felt funny to receive it, but today my heart was warmed remembering sixth grade and Nicky Snow. We went to a Square Dance later that year (I invited him), then before seventh grade began he moved away to Texas. Wonder what Nicky Snow will be giving his Valentine this year?
wednesday's february1010_1 . . . m i g r a i n e . . . (ugh)
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tuesday's february0910_1 february0910_2 garden.
See one of my creations featured here on the Paper Source blog... I Paper Source, it is inspiration to do something creative every day.
Thank you Pam, you wrote about it so beautifully and for submitting it, too!


everyday february0810_2 february0810_1 for the past week I have driven by this lovely tree, it is bursting in white beauty. Confetti petals decorate the sidewalk, as if a party just happened, everyday. So today, I pulled over, hopped out with my point and shoot and captured the nature party if only for a moment.


fresh february0610_1 february0510_1 february0710_1 Three rain washed, sun shining through the clouds, pink buds and blossoms, games of fetch, evening by the fire with family, blueberry pancakes for breakfast, mid morning yoga days in February.
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rise + shine february0410_1 before morning walk, green tea and breakfast
after Hermie's first yawn, brushing teeth and checking emails


crumb pie february0310_2 february0310_1 one layer of sugary crumb on top
then a layer of cakey sweetness
atop a layer of soft caramel gooeyness


home again february0210_1 home again, jiggedy jig
weekend (01.30 to 02. 01)
in Vegas.
An early morning, Hermie and kitty kisses goodbye, fresh sliced cantaloupe, a desert drive, hotels, lights, billboards...Las Vegas, dinner out, a birthday celebration, money gambled, big white fluffy bed, view from the fifty sixth floor, a most delicious veggie burger (making my own this week), glitz and lights in every color, casino games, money won, money lost, wonderful memories made...