june3010_diptych june28&2910_diptych
delicious chocolate pound cake with chocolate chips for lunch, a picnic in the park on tuesday left me wondering why I don't do that more often and cleaning on monday made everything sparkle, until the dust settles again...
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{6.28 to 6.30}


cool whip clouds... june2610_1 june2710_1june2610_2june2510_1 french toast breakfast, summer party, trampoline jumping, homemade cookies with lemon zest, sister chats, toys carrying surprise notes to be found later, sunday morning photos, fresh blueberries...and in just a blink or two June will have passed, full of sunshine and a little gloom, with whispers of popsicles and days by the pool yet to come
{6.24 to 6.27}


three days june2110_3 june202110_1june2110_1june2110_2 june2210_1 three beautiful days...
on Saturday a five month old baby fell fast asleep in my arms and I toasted marshmallows with friends around the fire
on Sunday I laughed until I had tears, then laughed some more, a day celebrating Dad at the fair with the whole family, perfectly wonderful
on Monday a dear friend and I sat by the pool while her little ones took swim lessons and later Case, Hermie and I enjoyed dinner at the park
Hello Summer. {6.19 to 6.21}


found june1810_1 june1810_diptych flowers soaked in sunshine, plucked while walking with Hermie


winged june1710_3 fanciful june1710_4 fleeting june1710_2 butterflies june1710_1
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a tiny
slice of cake for breakfast
baked to celebrate exciting news at work for Case
composed of bananas, cream cheese and white chocolate
made with love and sugar
{6.15 to 6.16}


at the park
Dad treated me and Case to a Padre game tonight. Along with baseball we enjoyed a behind-home-plate-view, hot dogs, peanuts, ice cream and a hot chocolate for me about half way through.
We even had a brief earthquake during the eighth inning.
I'm not much into baseball, but anytime I get to spend a night out with Dad and visit his special brick in the stadium is perfect whether they win or lose (they lost).
{Thank you, Dad!! xo}


afternoon naps... june1310_1 june1210_1 june1110_1 sunshine, the Pacific Ocean at sunset, popsicles in the freezer, screeching owls after ten, Tuna sunbathing, Mom's fresh blueberry muffins, more tomatoes growing, a Saturday morning run with Case, late night frozen yogurt, long awaited World Cup games and red vines, sharing the walking trail with bunnies, family and two movies...a lovely weekend
{6.11 to 6.13}



wednesday june0910_1
a beautiful shade of purplish blue
fresh blueberry hand pies, plus an impromptu mini pie for the berries that didn't fit...I think it will be especially delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top


found june0810_3 june0810_2june0810_1 bits of pollen, layers of pale pink, a dog friend for Hermie, sturdy hairy stems, children playing tag, tiny insects, the aroma of dinners cooking, clear blue skies, freshly mowed grass... late afternoon comfort


summer lovin' june060710_1 birthday parties, sunshine, sleeping in, and lemon cream pie...
saturday morning june0510_1 june0510_2june0510_3 june0510_4 A photo shoot with three happy brothers for my dear friends...kisses, hugs, entertaining baby brother, finding tiny things to put in their pockets, swinging, jumping, smiling, a little pouting...whoever said snips and snails and puppy dog tails hadn't met these precious cuties.
june0610_1 {6.5 to 6.7}


june0410_1june0410_3 june0410_5 june0410_4
...with a singing heart, thai leftovers for later, a netflix queue, a slice of Mom's chocolate cake, blueberry tea, an owl story from Dad, beautiful music, knowing that anywhere with all of us is home, and the belief that wishes made do come true.
Happy Birthday Kadee!! xoxo


special delivery june0310_1 june0310_2 june0310_3 {cherry corn scones beneath a dusting of rainbow sugar}