...and don't get eaten up!!

I've recently taken on guiding elementary school children through the planting of their garden and have successfully planted an array of seeds that should do well during a Southern California fall and winter.

Now that radish sprouts are sprouting my next challenge is to keep pests away without using poisons and
not having to build anything too difficult...if you have any secrets please share!!


September has vanished right before my eyes, I hope October takes its time.

9.26 to 9.29




The last few days the sky has been painted in streaks of pink before the sun sets and bursts of raindrops have visited throughout the afternoons.

As I was icing Case's birthday cake today I could hear bursts of thunder in the distance. It felt perfect. I couldn't imagine anything else I would rather be doing in that moment.

We saw a quote the other day, "If you love me let me know." I wrote it down, it was so simple and beautiful. We know and I hope we always let each other know. Happy Birthday Case! xo

9.22 to 9.23


two loves


Instagram + Hermie . . . even better, instagrams of Hermie!

9.18 to 9.19


home again


I really can't photograph this praying mantis enough, I think I'm a little obsessed and Hermie is clearly jealous. He was gone from his front door post for several days, then reappeared yesterday with one less limb. This morning I did a little mantis research and learned this is a male and since he has wings already his limb most likely will not grow back. I hope he can survive with just the one!


hearts + hermies

43 years ago today Mom and Dad eloped to North Carolina...so happy they did!
Happy Anniversary!!! love you.

last night watching the season premiere of Parenthood,
I'd like to live in one of the Braverman's homes and eat at a 
communal table with my family and twinkly lights above

{9.13 to 9.14}




I accidentally used rice flour instead of buckwheat flour in the banana pancakes I made this morning. It
wasn't until the delicate little cakes crumbled when I flipped them that I realized my mistake.

Rather than waste the perfectly sweetened bananas that were already mixed in, I made the next ones smaller for easier flipping and they turned out quite good. The rice flour makes them light and dainty...I just might
do a half and half next time with the buckwheat flour.



ten years ago

september1111_1 september1011_1
today and yesterday...

On September 10, 2001 I was at Disneyland with the man I was to marry four years later. Just last night we talked about that last September 10th and how much we appreciate that we spent that last day of innocence at the happiest place on Earth. We had decided to stay over and spend the next morning at Downtown Disney, to soak in more happiness.

On September 11, 2001 we woke up to the news. Case and I packed in shock, ate breakfast at a diner filled with confusion, sadness and fear, drove home to be close to our families and watched as the events unfolded throughout the coming days and weeks.

There will always be a division in our lives...the time before and the time after. It was beautiful to hear the words and and see the images throughout the day today of the loved ones lost and the ones who wake up each day and keep their memories alive. ♥

{9.10 to 9.11}



homemade warm puffy salted pretzels


Have a sweet smelling weekend!

{9.8 to 9.9}


hello there

A few days ago one praying mantis moved into the light that illuminates the front door, then yesterday a second one arrived. They move about the fixture throughout the day and if I get close they turn their heads and look right back at me with their bulging curious preying eyes. I love finding both of them when I leave or come home. Possibly if they find mates (as I think these are females) we will have mantis nymphs running around in late spring!

{9.6 to 9.7}



Today it rained in spurts, tiny drops and gigantic drops, drops that brought the scent of fall...a chill and a touch of humidity at the same time, drops that tapped through the gutters long after the gray cloud had moved on, drops that spelled out tea and slippers (soon!)...it was an unexpected treat atop the already beautiful weekend.

Amidst the news of hurricanes and the aftermath I felt grateful for the light touch of weather in San Diego.

{9.3 to 9.5}


oh Ladybug

How do you say thank you when your Mom stopped by to do a quick errand and ended up cleaning up
celery puke from Ladybug who stole the celery top out of the compost bucket...?

You make Mom the best chocolate chip cookies ever and write a sweet note.

Thank you Mom! Ladybug says she's done with celery. xo



my house wrapped up in a blanket of fog, an early morning walk, the tapping of Hermie's feet heading for breakfast, half a banana with peanut butter for me, kitty purrs and fur brushing . . . September