thursday + friday october3009_2 october2909_1 october2909_2 october3009_1 two days
order for Pot-ted
a pumpkin still to carve
October almost gone
slipper weather
quiet, sleepy
Tuna purring
holiday lists started
{10.29 to 10.30}


autumn flare october2809_1 october2809_2 jacket wearing, brisk, wind in hair (and fur), chilly hands in pockets, blustery walk with Hermie this morning . . . beautiful!


furry october2709_1 october2709_2 october2609_2 october2609_1 faces. . . some I'd like to cuddle and kiss, others are best admired through the lens
{10.26 to 10.27}


made it myself
october2409_1 ...sorta. Attended a stamp making class taught by Pam, and finally made the deer silhouette I've been wanting, then an apple pie. Pam drew the pie for me, I carved.
halloween party
cowboy family
{10.24 to 10.25}


craving october2309_1 childhood
. . . . .
"That was the best breakfast I've had in a long time!" exclaimed Case. Nevermind the pancakes, banana peanut butter smoothies, greek yogurt with fruit, etc. that have been made, it genuinely makes me smile that a bowl of Fruity Pebbles made his day. ha ha.


i spy october2209_1 october2209_2 october2209_3 fragrant lavender, fresh from a friend's garden
{thank you, Candace}


have a seat october1809_1 A project Mom and Dad finished this afternoon...purchased for $2 each, recovered in a gorgeous pool blue, a touch of paint and a shine to the wood. Oh, to think of all the people who may have sat in these chairs, sharing the stories of themselves, and the sitting and talking that is yet to come.


A morning at Bates Nut Farm in the pumpkin patch.
october1709_5 Hermie got a little sick riding in the wheelbarrow... (not really, it just looks like that).


me Photo 36 ...taking pictures of myself, via photobooth, in my new glasses, happy friday everyone!
circle of life
giraffes graced the stage, Simba grew to an adult right before our eyes, shadow puppet interludes evoked emotion, Rafiki sang from her very core, dancers became blades of grass...if you've never been and have the opportunity to experience The Lion King on stage - it is truly magic


come back october1409_1 october1409_2 A quick shower of rain fell a few nights ago, with promises from channel-such-and-such and channel-so-and-so that more was to follow...I awoke, peered out the window, walked, looked up into the gray clouds, did yoga, checked for raindrops in the parking lot...no rain, not today and tomorrow it is warming up again.


grampa october1009_1 hugs, garden gnomes, polaroids of snow scenes, riding on the lawnmower, feeding bunnies by hand, and wishing I had gotten to know him better as my adult self before he was gone too soon


my mom october0909_1 ...is a lover of squirrels, her Wheetie boy, took me and my sisters to New York City for the first time, eloped with Dad to North Carolina, sings while she drives, is a pyrex collector, writer, lived on the corner of Front and Ivy in downtown San Diego, is a little sister, nicknamed "Pog" from her parents, was a cheerleader, loves a spice cake on her birthday, shares the very best old movies with me, grew up in Meadville PA, worked at Johnny's in high school, helps me at the farmers' market every week, has a special place in her heart for Niagara Falls, used to have slumber parties with her girlfriends, has always had kitties, makes the most delicious chili, loves and adores her three girls, is just a phone call or quick drive away, knows me much better than I know myself, and makes the most beautiful memories everyday, as I grow older-I see more and more clearly how hard she worked to raise us all up with grace and build wonderfully close, unique relationships with each one of us, thank you, Mom, I love you... happy birthday! xoxo


work in progress october0809_1a ♥ Thank you, Pam! ♥


cake of butternut october0609_1 While flipping through a pumpkin and squash cookbook (thank you, Tammie) I found a recipe for a cake made of butternut, much like how you would use carrot. Only a butternut is hard like a rock and slippery to cut open and grate, after a google search, viewing a video, setting myself up on the floor of my kitchen with a knife, peeler and cutting board, I think I've earned an uncooked-butternut-cut-open-peel-and-grate badge.


gummy worms + chocolate october0509_2 Picked up a little bit of sunshine from elementary school today, just us... a run and hug, a frozen yogurt date, a penny in the fountain, chattering about Miss M, his like-yet dislike for peanut butter, what to be for Halloween, how his cousin loves Barney the most. An afternoon with my best friend's six year old son...precious, thank you, Carrie!


october0409_1 10.4.....purple bats hung above the front door with care, in hopes that costumed ghosts and goblins soon would be there october0309_1 10.3.....the Paper Source mail catalog, too pretty to just recycle after devouring the ideas, colors and new products, so I made blossom brooches for my sister to wear october0209_1 10.02.....cute furry feet that jump and curl up next to me, when he's not scratching and biting things that is


how sweet it is october0109_2 october0109_1 Mary from Ginglerlily Bakery has entrusted me to photograph her confections for her website, if only one could taste the deliciousness right through the computer screen, mmmm.