my own      2.24 to 2.25 feb2509collage
...piece of sky.
Itty bitty red pods (thank you, Tracy), they go with everything! 
**from littlellama, blog and shop** 


 Warm and cloudy...such a strange day that ended with a huge headache, ugh. 


oh baby       2.21 to 2.22
feb2209_2a feb2209_1
Baby G will be arriving very soon. I was so happy to photograph Kerstin, the mom-to-be, before the arrival. Kerstin and her husband, Eugene, were delightful in every way.  feb2109_1collage
Hermie living it up in bed, his favorite place. 


I visited a local park this afternoon to prepare for an upcoming photo shoot, in the distance beyond the beautiful trees, swings, and picnic tables I saw something colorful and shiny peeking out, and then there was this, a big magical circle created by Niki de Saint Phalle, wow, it is gorgeous to see in person. 


am + pm
feb1909_2 feb1909_1
Woke up this morning with sewing on my mind. I officially learned to sew really small shorts and tight sweatpants in seventh grade and just wasn't into it then. Now I have ideas I want to try out, so it was just me, Ladybug, and my mom's Singer 5430 wrestling with thread, bobbins, pins, scissors and fabric. I certainly did feel smart when I used the manual to fix things that were going wrong. Happy Thursday...only 3 more days 'til the Oscars!!


everything nice
feb1809_2 feb1809_1
In anticipation of a baby shower I am attending this weekend I made a sweet sack to wrap my gift. I got to create the invites awhile back, too, and what better way to welcome a sweet baby girl than with sugar and spice...
*Also, a friend of mine has started a blog recently that focuses on her lovely family, today she hung some pictures I had taken of all of them and posted about it, you can go here to see how cute it turned out.*


Hermie and I just had to get out and walk in the sunshine.


feb1609_3 feb1609_2
A homemade lemon tart for Case (there are a few more so I get some, too). We shared a lemon filled donut last week and since then we both have been craving more lemon, so I found a recipe here and adjusted it for tiny tarts and even made a quino-almond gluten free pastry shell. 


hearts + rainbows       2.14 to 2.15
feb14to15collage_1a feb141509_1
Days of love, hearts, family, visits, sweetness, hugs, kisses, surprises and all things pink. 


winter trees
feb1309_1 feb1309_2
A storm is arriving just in time for the long weekend, off to bundle up and listen to the rain.
*What is a Halloween picture doing here in February? My sixth picture from my sixth file (a game of tag from estasketch & peachtree), it's me and Hermie at the pumpkin patch this year. Hee  hee, look at that little sailor. *
**added note: I was looking at the blog with my mom and she was wondering when Hermie dressed up as a nurse. 


ginger twist
feb1209gingertwist_1flickr feb1209gingertwist_2flickr feb1209gingertwist_3flickr
Five minutes 'til tea on a Thursday morning. 


kitty facts
Tiny Dancer purrs day and night, sleeps on my head, hunts Ladybug (causing all sorts of  trouble), carries a stick with ribbon around in her mouth, loves catnip, doesn't like cat treats at all, is Hermie's only friend, and used to be called Piddles before she came home. 


A single leaf decorated in tiny ice crystals, an enchanting discovery first thing this morning. 


love is ...
A tiny envelope filled with love was sent to someone very special today. 


flora + films     2.7 to 2.8
feb0809flora_1 feb0809flora_2 feb0708flora_1
As you can see we got some rain in Southern California this weekend, everything sparkles and looks brighter. I brought home some pods bursting with red berries and ones that look like they're holding a tiny brain inside. I picked up a new item to photograph, I found it at an antique show my mom and her friends participated in, looking forward to working on new projects. Case and I saw Coraline and Waltz with Bashir, both were excellent. Coraline is visually amazing, especially the miniature knitter who knitted the tiniest sweaters and gloves out of needles and thread for the character to wear (can you believe that?!).


cupcakes on a friday
feb0609carrotcupcakes_2 feb0609carrotcupcakes_1
I had too many carrots in the fridge that just weren't getting eaten so I thought I'd make something sweet from them as they would be sure to get eaten then, which led me to this carrot cupcake recipe. I frosted them before bed last night and packaged some to give away with little curly carrot adornments.


eyes on the road
spt...on my way to the post office to ship a print and a few other errands, this picture seems to be from a completely different day, hours later now, the sky is gray and rain has arrived. Looks like a nice evening to make pizza, cupcakes and read. I finished Water for Elephants and am starting Watchmen, curious to see how I like it, not a book I would've picked up on my own, Case loved it, so here goes. 


daily hermie
Hermie entranced by some kibble, he is definitely the cutest dog in the whole world. 


three days     1.31 to 2.2
The past few days just zoomed right on by with reading, walks, seafood, sunshine and cooking. It was such a lovely "springy" sort of weekend I woke up today thinking how nice a jog along the beach would be, so I did. The plan was to take some coastal people shots, too, that didn't happen, need to go with a better plan, hydrate, move around, etc.  
Please stop by The Peach Tree, (one of my favorite blogs) I feel so lucky to be the featured artist of the week! *thank you*