tuesday came and went
I thought maybe I had salmonella sickness from the pistachio ice cream I ate in the afternoon, but after talking to my sister, Kadee, she figured since I'd eaten chips and salsa right before the pistachio ice cream that that might be why I wasn't feeling well...she was right, she's going to be a fantastic doctor one of these days.  


march2909_1 march2809_1
The weather, scent of jasmine and chirping birds could not have been more perfect for a weekend of afternoon naps, playing in the park, a chocolate donut by candlelight, my owl from Stelabird arriving in the mail, reading on the swing with Hermie, and planting seeds. 


I have been moving around a couple of very ripe bananas in the kitchen waiting for an afternoon to bake something before they ended up in the compost, so today's treat is King Cupcakes, peanut butter and banana together, very delicious!!


Today was a day of laziness for me, needed to recharge, felt great...it is what I refer to as a 'pajama day.'


sprung      3.21 to 3.22
march21&2109_2 march2209_1 march21&2109_1
These days were a mixture of busyness, fresh sparkle for my eyes, blueberry pancakes, rain, sun, girl scout cookies, clouds, bugs, walks, work, Amazing Race, laughter and a popping chocolate bar.


Not sure if you can appreciate this grasshopper's enormous size from this quick photo as I was leaving to go somewhere in a hurry and he flew off pretty quick. He was gigantic! I couldn't believe how fortunate I was to have seen him on the first day of spring, must be good luck or something like it. 


shop talk
New items in the shop today and the rest of the week...


march1709_1 3.17  This little bundle of sweetness arrived a week ago, her mom and dad were adoring, cooing with, fussing, and loving her all up during the photo shoot, it was quite lovely to meet her. 
3.16  The fragrant white jasmine has begun to bloom...the backyard smells like spring!


march1509_1 march1409_1
...as I post this the sweet days of Saturday and Sunday are nearly gone. 


happiness is...
3.13   Mini Irish Cream Bundt Cake with mini chocolate chips on a Friday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       march1209_disneyland
3.12  Away for the day at the happiest place on earth...Disneyland!! 
*A 'Thank you' to the lovely Stelabird for saying all sorts of nice things about the prints she ordered from me, which look absolutely perfect in her fantastic new workspace.*


march1109_2 march1109_collage
Tuna mesmerized by a ruffled curtain hanging to dry above the tub, the curtains hang everyday in the bedroom but in a new place they became an afternoon distraction. 


sun + clouds march0909_sunshine march0909_clouds
...one hour of sleep to catch up on. 


six words     
3.8  Last weekend I saw this book, Six Word Memoirs, and found the idea interesting. I thought I'd try out Six Word Sunday. On the couch, Forensic Files marathon.   hmmm, makes me sound like a slug.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           march0709_1
3.7  A Saturday morning photo shoot which included smiles, tears, a tiny Mario figurine, giggles, swings, holding hands, sticks, slides, maybe poison ivy (luckily mom saw that pretty quick)...two sweet brothers, very precious indeed. 


If you were a little girl who played with dolls in the 1970's chances are you had a Mandy of your own. This sweet one-red-shoed Mandy belongs to my dear friend, Carrie, I have her on loan for a new project I am working on, which I haven't officially started...but couldn't resist snapping a shot of her just as she came...with one darling bare foot. 


sleepwalking      3.4 to 3.5
march0509_1 march0509_2 march0409_1
The past two days seem to have blurred into one. 


plastic cameras + eel gardens      2.26 to 3.3
march309_flight 3.3.09    Left a piece of my heart in San Francisco, missing Kadee the moment I left...plane, book, ipod and home to an Extraordinary Desserts lunch.                                                                                          march2.09_chinatown 3.2.09    Rain and a walk through Chinatown, so happy Golden Gate Bakery was still open!            march2.09_CAacademyofsciences The California Academy of Sciences coral reefs, live rooftop, animal dioramas, sour octopus candies, burmese vine snakes, planetarium show, jellyfish, indoor swamp...                                      
march1.09_breakfast 3.1.09    Dance workout, fries at Frjtz, sand dollar walk, and short, sweet, and moving movies.                                                                                                                                                                                 feb28.09_breathe 2.28.09    The morning started off with gratitude and all things organic, gluten-free and delicious.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      feb27.09_yamo Dinner at Yamo (you must must must go if you haven't been) and an evening at the Plastic Camera Show, absolutely inspiring, the scent of wet labs in progress made me miss working with my old Pentax.                                                                                                                                                                             feb27.09_muni 2.27.09    Arrival and Muni trip, I heart San Francisco.                                                                            feb26.09_sptblog
2.26.09    spt...playing around with pattern, shape and layout when I should be packing.