rainbow sprinkles
april3009_1 april3009_2
A surprise weekend visit from my sister, Kadee!!
Completion of projects for my show on Sat + Sun.
Case brought home Peterson's Donuts for dessert.
1000 people have hearted me on Etsy.
I was featured on Mindy's blog.


Sometimes the shadow of the camera peeking into the shot adds, rather than takes away, from the naturally beautiful composition that was already there as I was walking along the sidewalk. 


four years old
My best friend's baby girl celebrates her fourth birthday today. I got her earrings for her newly pierced ears and made bracelets and a necklace to go with her princess attire. She is precious from head to toe and can sing her little heart out, four is a wonderful age to be. 


days in diptychs
april2709_1 april252609_4 april252609_1
Recharged myself a bit on Saturday, feeling the need for some time with Mom rather than hunching over pendants, the computer, brooches, etc. for the show...so we watched The Children's Hour (wow, fantastic movie) and ate fresh guacamole and chips. Then Sunday it was back to work. Monday finds me working on projects and peering at the patio furniture we set out this weekend after a long hibernation...maybe some chai tea and Hermie time out there later. 
 : : : Thank you to everyone who participated in the Etsy Day Giveaway (I randomly chose two instead of one ♥) tami + illi you will be receiving a package from me to you. : : : 


e t s y   d a y ! !
handmade, crafty, creative, fresh, made with love, original, charming, talent, gifted, entrepreneurs, orange, online, everyday, all night, artsy, imaginative, eco-friendly, repurposing, inventive, unusual, enterprising, fantastic in every way!!! Thank you, Etsy.                                                                                                                                                                                       
 giveaway  leave a comment (anything...your day, etsy love, say hello) by noon tomorrow 4.25.09  one name will be randomly chosen ♥ package of goodies from my shop will be sent  leave a link or contact info ♥♥


into dusk 
april2309_3 april2309_2 april2309_1
Hermie and I just walking around taking pictures of ourselves and the stuff around us. He is a bit surprised and unsure, another dog was approaching as we took this...other dogs surprise Hermie quite often as he thinks he should be the only one walking on the trail.                                                                                                                                                                            
: : : Mom listed new vintage goods in her shop this week, go here if you'd like to visit. : : : 
: : : Jessica at The Pink Needle featured one of my images in her lovely blog, thank you! : : :


to see the world...
...in the strawberries I had for breakfast
...in the weeds that are taking over the yard
...in the dove that spends her days outside the bedroom window
...in the daisies and bleeding hearts fresh from the nursery
...in the new sprouts that will bear fruit months from now
...in the snake who slithered away from Hermie
...in the banana I snacked on this afternoon
...in the sky so blue it takes my breath away
...in the sunshine that kisses my shoulders
...in a single bean                                                                                                                                                                                                  
: : : inspired by a quote I read a long while ago + Earth Day : : :


up all night
In preparation for the show coming up I have had some very late nights...found myself longing to climb back in bed all afternoon, but resisted the soft, cuddly, bird chirping, Hermie snuggling temptation and continued working. 
*blue blossom earrings are from you're a dreamboat, so cute, a little something I got to celebrate spring*


maybe someday...
Here is what it would look like if I ended up on the cover of BUST! My sister, Pam, had an assignment to create a cover for a magazine and I got to be the subject. Earlier in the day we looked at samples her teacher provided and one was Obama on the cover of Rolling Stone laughing, originally an outtake. Near the end of our photo shoot she said, "Do the Obama cover," so this is me imitating Obama...I look just like him, right?  
*The oh so lovely necklace is made by Sasha Bell, visit her shop here.*
 : : : Thank you, Pam, I love it!! : : :                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
shop update: Pendants featuring itty bitty miniature versions of my photography, only five will be listed at the early bird reduced sample sale price!


spring break      4.17 to 4.19
april17181909_3 april17181909_2
april17181909_4 april17181909_7
sleeping in, staying up late, new blog banner, beach sunset, s'mores, campfire, banjo, family, friends, sunshine, homemade ice cream sandwiches, more strawberry pie, old home movies, sunshine, chatting on the phone, Hermie tuckered out, laughter, yard work, Sunday walk, vintage finds, afternoon nap, ninety degrees!, In n Out, new shop project, Amazing Race...


strawberry fields
april1609_1 april1609_2 april1609_3a
Mom surprised me this morning with a trip to the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields. The strawberries were luscious, red and sooo fresh...I could've filled ten buckets!! Thank you, Mom, what a sweet surprise, looks I'll be making a strawberry pie. 
*added note: Just had a tiny sliver of the pie...might be the best pie I've ever made!!*


blowin' in the wind
Shop update...a few adornments for spring and summer. 


Heard this (scroll down to Killer Whales) on the radio, fascinating sounds and story. 


peeps + brooches      4.11 to 4.13
Sunshine and more creating...beautiful couple of days.                                                                                                                                 april11121309_2
A pink felted peep by Flights of Whimzy...thank you Easter Bunny. Yellow peep cupcakes from my sister-in-law, each with our initials on them!                                                                                                                                                                                 
Created a new item (fabric brooches) for the Spring Unique Los Angeles show I'll be there along with a collection of fantastic artists the first weekend in May. I love how they turned out, this is the first finished one, think I'm going to keep it for myself...planning to list a few at sample sale prices in the shop this week.                                                                                                    april11121309_5
The weekend started out with April showers. 


share the love
april1009_2 april1009_1
Once I saw this idea floating around I was excited to try it out myself. They're technically "rainbow" cupcakes, but mine turned out more of a "tie-dye" which I was quite pleased with. I think the main reason I wanted to make them was so I could photograph their cheerfulness. Just looking at them makes me smile. Have a fantastically colorful, tie-dye, love and peace sort of weekend. 


head in the clouds      4.8 to 4.9
april08&0909_1 april0809_1
These are almost the cutest thing ever (Hermie is the cutest), if you want to get some go here
*thank you, Pam*


Look closely and you'll see little critters climbing their way to the sky.


two days      4.4 to 4.5
The bedroom was a popular place this weekend, the sunshine and gusty winds drew everyone in for naps and bird watching. 


calling my name
april0309_1 april0309_collage
The clouds and weeds nearby my house were calling my name today, they were gorgeous, especially the clouds.

I woke up this morning to find out one of my items was featured on the front page (thank you, Allison at monkeysalwayslook, for letting me know) and I saw a glimpse of the beautiful treasury (but didn't see who put it together) before it disappeared.

Also, my mom recently started selling from her vintage etsy shop, she is very fond of collecting hearts and has already sold a few items, pop over for a visit if you'd like.



the first of april
april0109_diyptych april0109_2
The birds and bees have been singing all day.