blog may2810_1 may2810_2 sugar...tonight
{I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to share.}


sigh may2710_1 The chrysanthemums that grow in the backyard are "Dazzling Stacy," which is why I purchased them in the first place. I didn't know at the time that I would choose the perfect spot for them to get enough sun and water and they would come back year after year, because I do have a lot of other flowers that never come back. So nice to see them again.


and smell the roses
{these lovelies grew in Mom's garden, which makes them especially wonderful}


chai may2510_1
I have a special place in my heart for chai. Chai tea, chai lattes, the scent of chai, a chai cupcake, all of which I love. Which has led me to these chai brownies, something special for tonight. may2510_3 For the past several weeks on Tuesday nights at nine o'clock in the evening my sister Kadee and I are dancing Bhangra, a type of Indian dance. Our instructor (a nice dental student with some moves) taught us that what we are learning is powerful and it is traditionally a masculine dance, to hold our arms higher, stronger, to smile while we're doing it, to shake our shoulders if we're comfortable. Last week we learned a series of moves that involved dancing with a partner, mine was Kadee. This seemed to bring us both a quiet joy as we faced one another dancing about, our moves intersecting with one another. may2510_2 may2510_4 Tonight is our last class. Some evenings it is tough to muster up the energy to dance for an hour, an hour when I'm normally curled up on the couch, but I will miss this Tuesday night ritual. I don't know if the dental student will be back to teach over the summer, or if our schedules will be open, so with this last night I am grateful for the shared moments we've had in that hot, mirrored, wooded floor, music pumping room...the room where I danced with Kadee.



fresh may2010_1 strawberries were picked and a pie will be made
This has become an annual spring event for me and Mom (as is the holding up and photographing of one single perfect berry), we did it for the first time last year. The strawberries are so juicy and beautiful, and there are so many waiting to be taken home. If you live in the area I suggest running over there right now!
thank you Mom, xo


the happiest place on earth
{smiling faces here and here}


how sweet it is may17&1810_1 While the weather changes from cloudy to sunny, then back to cloudy, I have been busy making whoopie pies for a dessert party tonight. They are soft like pillows, chocolately as chocolate can be and filled with the very best peanut butter frosting.
{5.17 to 5.18}


saturday + sunday
a mixture of... babysitting, gardening, park giggling, monkey bread baking, snack serving, couch potatoing, bathtime splashing, kabob eating, bedtime story reading, Hermie fetching, nose blowing, caramel apple eating, hulk and diego playing, picture taking, piggyback ride giving, sweeping, scooby doo watching, and firepit warming
How was your weekend?
{5.15 to 5.16}


sometimes I wander
may1310_1may1310_2 may1310_3may1310_4
...found this on Tuesday, it arrived today, framing and hanging up by Sunday.
{thank you, thewheatfield, you create beauty, package it with love and ship it so fast!!}


in love may1210_2may1210_1
The most beautiful cookbook was given to me yesterday. Someone traveling from London was kind enough to carry along Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache to California. {thank you!}
So far I have learned that a swede is a rutabaga, a courgette is a zucchini, caster sugar is very fine sugar and that grams will need to be converted, so possibly a scale would be nice. I am deciding between the Lemon and Lavender Drizzle Cake or the Coffee and Walnut Courage Cake, to make first.
Maybe the baking will begin tomorrow... in the meantime this cookbook is being read from cover to cover, notes scribbled on a pad, photographs admired and visions of baked goods adorned in pale pink rose buds atop vintage plates lulls me to sleep.


freesiaology may1110_1c the study of fragrant flowers with petals dusted in fine glitter, from the fairies no doubt


there is... may0910_1 only one person in the whole world who... ...
♡ would pick the yucky beans out of the homemade chili she made for dinner
♡ knows how much sleep I need each night, even to this day
♡ puts ketchup on my mac and cheese
♡ loves me, despite the old sandwiches I hid under the couch
♡ knew me before everyone else did
♡ cut my white blond hair on windy days sitting on the electric box
♡ walked through my new home for the very first time with me
♡ flew us to Santa Monica for a weekend of our own
♡ calls me Breeze, sings it to me when it's time to wake up
Mom, I love you so very much. xo ...
{Two of my favorite photos...all of us huddled together at the beach, Dad behind the Pentax camera and all of Mom's girls dressing up and being silly, (that's me peeking from the way back in the red hood and then in overalls.)}


lucky mama may0810_1 may0810_4 may0810_3 may0810_5 may0810_2
I had the pleasure of photographing this happy family tonight...toes got wet, the sky turned a golden yellow, kisses were given and taken, a mid photo-shoot bottle was savored, swinging in dad's arms again and again was enjoyed , cuddling in mom's lap was needed...I've known Michelle (the beautiful mom of these two blond-headed cuties) since long before she met her fella and started a family. It was wonderful to capture the spirit of this delightful family from behind the lens.


yesterday + today may0610_1 may0710_1 may0610_2 may0710_2
a fresh haircut
waiting in line at the post office
helping Case pick out new glasses
Hermie drop off
delicious dinner out
mesmerizing play at Balboa Park
sweet take out from here
too tired to eat my dessert decorated in pink rose petals
sleep and dreams of chocolate confections
a bite or two of cake with breakfast
water for the garden
and Friday begins... ...
: : Barbara at knack did a delightful feature on my cards yesterday, thank you!! : :
{5.06 to 5.07}


growing . . . may04&0510_1 may0510_2 fresh cards in the shop + happy sprouts in the garden....{5.04 to 5.05}


fresh may0310_2 may0310_1 items in the shop, more to follow on Wednesday ...
Salvador from Fashion Salvation did a fantastic feature on my new brooches (purchased at Unique LA) and you can vote for my brooch design on the left sidebar of his blog. Please visit Salvador's blog and vote for me, too. {thank you!}


found may010210_1 time with Hermie
a princess with sun kissed cheeks
the scent of freshly mowed grass
peanut buttercup ice cream
my pillow ... sleep