i spy

a snail on his way to breakfast
a rainbow of berries
grains of sugar
sunday's berrycake

(I wondered as I was posting this if it was too gross to put a snail and a dessert in the same post... but the snail is sort of cute)

{5.28 to 5.29}


long weekend

sleep in
soak up sunshine
lather on the sunscreen while sunshining
wear neon coral polish
finish the book you've started, start another
eat hot dogs and pringles
toast lots of marshmallows
go see a movie
make a fruit pie

happy almost summer!



My sister Pam is doing an encore ReNew, ReUse, ReCreate workshop at the Carlsbad Paper Source tonight. Old catalogs, calendars and boxes are recreated into tags, envelopes and card holders. She thought it would be fun to give a renewed favor to each participant. From a pile of old catalogs I created fan folded brooches and mini scalloped garlands.

There may still be space available if you are interested in signing up!


my new favorite

salted caramel: a caramel cake layered in buttery caramel cream cheese dusted in fleur de sel crystals
Case had a fresh strawberry and Hermie had his usual carob . . . Sprinkles love all around!


Cora Jean

That's my gramma as a little girl.

She grew up and married my grampa, they raised my aunt and mom in Pennsylvania. Years later Mom was married with three girls of her own and we lived just down the road from them. Gramma rubbed rose lotion on my hands, sewed dresses for my dolls, gave us candies that tasted like coffee and made sandwiches for whoever was hungry.

After we moved away Gramma and Grampa would send us cards filled with newspaper clippings, polaroids of kitties and snow, and love...always much love.

Today Mom makes Gramma's lasagna recipe, remembers how much she loved Tom and Jerry cartoons, shares stories about walking her home from work in the snow, sifts through her albums of recipes, remembers our history in the tins of black and white photographs and tells me I look just like Gramma ...especially when I sleep. When I make a pie crust I think of Gramma while rolling out handmade dough with the same wooden rolling pin she used.

In honor of Cora Jean's birthday today, she would've been 86, this new custom photograph & word pendant is in the shop. You just email your own photograph and choose a special word cut from a vintage book of poetry. Enter the coupon code CORAJEAN to get free shipping through May 31st.

Gramma's 7-Up Salad, perfectly refreshing for summer!



a weekend of late night donuts, saturday morning running, weed pulling, nephew watching, jamba enjoying,family dinner and movie night loving, sunday morning walking, and afternoon socializing

New dress and skirt patterns to be added to Mom's shop this week, inspired by my guest post on The Summer of No Pants(pssst... free shipping code for my shop at end of guest post, expires tomorrow)

hee hee, little chicken legs

{5.20 to 5.23}



freshly laundered sheets, furry kiwis for breakfast, cotton candy weeds, ladybug's winter coat...softness

Today I tried out a turbo kickboxing class at my gym. I learned that my noodle arms were not made for
boxing air and it's a lot harder to kick than it looks. Back to yoga next time. 


baked goodness

I was thinking about frosted brownies yesterday so I googled "frosted brownies" and found a recipe for
frosted marshmallow brownies which sounded even more amazing than just plain old frosted ones.

So I made them.

The thin layer of frosting is like that super good chocolate glaze that comes on a donut. A very delicious treat. The marshmallows puff into goodness for a few minutes in the oven before the icing goes on.




craving summer

Succulent love. It has been awfully nice to pay attention to the plants and bring home new ones. 

I will be guest posting this week on Marigold's blog about The Summer of No Pants. At first you might think that means a summer in your underwear...I guess if it's hot enough that just might happen.

Even though I don't sew she was sweet to let me be a part of it. The idea is to make skirts and dresses to be worn in the sunshiney months of summer. It did get me thinking about all the skirts in my closet that I don't wear and might just wear this summer.

The days have been cloudy and the nights have been chilly, but that didn't stop me and Case from bundling up and making s'mores over the fire pit last night. I could honestly eat ten toasted marshmallows every day!!

{5.14 to 5.16}


a pajama day

after many full days, it was quite nice to lounge around with Hermie in our jammies all day

Each time I'm at Unique LA I like to find a piece of art to take home. It is extra special to meet the artist, as was this time when I met Madeleine from The Panorama Press. Her work is delightful as is she.

The weekend was not without it's sugar...the S'muffins (a muffin shaped s'more!) booth was giving out free samples, I sampled at least three over the two days until Mom finally bought some for us to take home.

My neighbor's Emily and Nicholas from I Heart Pies were as sweet as could be. If you've never had their chicken mushroom pot pie I hope you find a way to have one, it was absolutely delicious, as was the berry pie, too!  I ♡ I Heart Pies.
...ever since I read about Lisa Swerling's Glass Cathedrals I could not wait to see them in person
they were sparkly and lovely and dark and bright and deep and thoughtful...brilliant tiny worlds contained in glass right in the middle of Unique LA, very nice!
The view from lovely Sasha Bell's table and a couple of my new pendants with vintage words that already sold out...going to make more very soon!

Thank yous all around to Sonja and her Unique LA team, it is always an amazing show and just keeps getting more amazing!! Thank you Mom and Case for working my table with me, I couldn't and wouldn't want to do it any other way. Thank you to everyone who visited and purchased from me, it is truly a treat to work directly with each person. xo

So after a restful day it is back to work tomorrow. Shop update and portrait galleries here I come....

{5.7 to 5.11}


little goldies


new pendants for Unique LA, yay!

...soon to be added to the shop along with custom options