Cora Jean

That's my gramma as a little girl.

She grew up and married my grampa, they raised my aunt and mom in Pennsylvania. Years later Mom was married with three girls of her own and we lived just down the road from them. Gramma rubbed rose lotion on my hands, sewed dresses for my dolls, gave us candies that tasted like coffee and made sandwiches for whoever was hungry.

After we moved away Gramma and Grampa would send us cards filled with newspaper clippings, polaroids of kitties and snow, and love...always much love.

Today Mom makes Gramma's lasagna recipe, remembers how much she loved Tom and Jerry cartoons, shares stories about walking her home from work in the snow, sifts through her albums of recipes, remembers our history in the tins of black and white photographs and tells me I look just like Gramma ...especially when I sleep. When I make a pie crust I think of Gramma while rolling out handmade dough with the same wooden rolling pin she used.

In honor of Cora Jean's birthday today, she would've been 86, this new custom photograph & word pendant is in the shop. You just email your own photograph and choose a special word cut from a vintage book of poetry. Enter the coupon code CORAJEAN to get free shipping through May 31st.

Gramma's 7-Up Salad, perfectly refreshing for summer!


Miz.November said...

How lovely. I am so blessed to still have my grandma around. We are so much of who we came from, aren't we?

Amanda said...

Love it

Meeling said...

How very lovely!!

Memories are wonderful aren't they?