freshly laundered sheets, furry kiwis for breakfast, cotton candy weeds, ladybug's winter coat...softness

Today I tried out a turbo kickboxing class at my gym. I learned that my noodle arms were not made for
boxing air and it's a lot harder to kick than it looks. Back to yoga next time. 


Miz.November said...

Oooh. Kickboxing is fun! You should keep at it.
Those photos are making me want to paint for some reason. So pretty.

hopeandjoyhome said...

Gorgeous pics! I love the IDEA of kickboxing and used to do karate but my arms get tired just straightening my hair! LOL

kadee said...

my arms are also made of noodles

Folklure said...

haha! i hear you on the kickboxing!


Mom said...

Sorry about that, but we come from a long line of noodle arms... Good for you for trying, but that's what you get for going to the gym without me! Just kidding!