craving summer

Succulent love. It has been awfully nice to pay attention to the plants and bring home new ones. 

I will be guest posting this week on Marigold's blog about The Summer of No Pants. At first you might think that means a summer in your underwear...I guess if it's hot enough that just might happen.

Even though I don't sew she was sweet to let me be a part of it. The idea is to make skirts and dresses to be worn in the sunshiney months of summer. It did get me thinking about all the skirts in my closet that I don't wear and might just wear this summer.

The days have been cloudy and the nights have been chilly, but that didn't stop me and Case from bundling up and making s'mores over the fire pit last night. I could honestly eat ten toasted marshmallows every day!!

{5.14 to 5.16}


SisterBatik said...

Are those gooseberries? I love the green nature photos: )

Piper Bella Boutique said...

Could you tell me what each of those plants are?? Those pics are amazing!

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

omigosh s'mores! have you seen that recipe for mini smores? made with hersheys kisses and graham cracker crunch cereal??

ana said...

such great succulents :) & omg. i want smores.

Miz.November said...

I have been hoping to make an honest effort to wear more skirts this year. I think I'm missing out on some good skirt wearing years and I need to jump on that!