baked goodness

I was thinking about frosted brownies yesterday so I googled "frosted brownies" and found a recipe for
frosted marshmallow brownies which sounded even more amazing than just plain old frosted ones.

So I made them.

The thin layer of frosting is like that super good chocolate glaze that comes on a donut. A very delicious treat. The marshmallows puff into goodness for a few minutes in the oven before the icing goes on.




our little love nest said...

Oh my!! So not enjoying my diet today because it doesn't include this delicious looking goodness! The plate its on looks adorable too. xo

hopeandjoyhome said...

Dang it! What a time to try Low Carb again! Looks yummy!

knack said...

oh dear! they look dangerously good! :)


buy rift account said...

WoW! absolutely looks so yummy. . wanna have some.. =0