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Thank you so much for all of your good thoughts and well wishes for sweet Hermie. It is amazing how wonderfully he is doing since his arrival home on Saturday.

It turned out that he had two herniated discs which meant surgery on his back and neck.

He doesn't know that he's in for weeks and weeks of rest. Keeping his little spirit in the crate or a leashed supervised hovering over "nest" next to me on the couch is tough and the very best thing for him.

Our family feels so very fortunate for the care Hermie received and the continued calls from his doctor
and our beautiful family and friend support.

Thank you, from the bottom of Hermie's precious little heart.

5.25 to 5.29


Candace said...

So happy to hear Hermie is home and on the road to recovery. Sending healing thoughts your way!

allison cecil said...

Oh yippee! I'm so glad everything went so well. My thoughts are with Hermie for a speedy recovery!

Miz.November said...

Oh, he's such a darling little pupper. I am so glad to hear that he did so well and is happily home. =)

Stacey said...

All of the Hermie love is so much appreciated. He is continuing to get lots and lots of rest. Thank you. :)

Kennedy Ink said...

Glad to hear Hermie is on the mend! I look forward to seeing his little face in your blog posts. (Mine litte dog won't look at the camera on purpose.)