may1012_2  may1012_1                                          new jewelry for the show...hanging earrings and wrap around bracelets may0912_1
                                                                         my little helper and nuggle breaker

Leading up to Unique LA was so very busy in the very best way. New prints have been added to the shop already...fresh cards and jewelry items coming this week. It was absolutely wonderful to meet so many new people and see many who have purchased from me before. My family was such a big help, I really couldn't have and wouldn't want to do it without them.

Unique is coming to San Francisco and New York, too! The focus is designers and artists who are local and make their products in America. It is truly unique and the largest independent design show in the country. On top of the shopping you meet the artists, there are DIY crafts and amazing food. 

Today I caught up on sleep.

Then late in the evening I discovered a critter dug up a few of our precious tulip bulbs that were still in the ground growing big and fat for next year. This made me so sad. Hopefully we can salvage the rest and some of our family will have extras they can pass on to us next year.

*The beautiful mug at the top of the post is by Klai Brown. She is an absolutely lovely person and it was a treat to meet her and take home one of her creations. 

*See more of Unique LA on Elizabeth of Please Note's blog

5.5 to 5.14


riorita said...

Love your creativity!

Stacey said...

Thank you! Seeing everyone else's work at the show was aw inspiring.

Barb Blair said...

One day I want to come to this show! I love everything I see and read about it!

Congrats on being in it! I know you rocked it!

cabin + cub said...

I am loving the new earrings and bracelet! hopefully you have them in your easy shop soon! ;)