a little bit of my younger self, a beach location just right for a special shoot, inspiration, time to work on new creations, family history, happiness and bittersweetness, the laughter of old friends, kitty paws, kitty purrs, the iron, strawberries for shortcake making, courage and perseverance when I thought I had nothing left to give and a soft place to fall after a succession of very busy days

Mom and Dad just moved back into the home we grew up in. Grateful I could help them pack, sort and clean out. Ever so grateful we got to do it together. I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride for my family...seeing us all work together. So much so that today I found myself crying as I drove home from the store, just thinking about all we accomplished. I think the tears were mostly from happiness and the love I have for my family but also a little exhaustion, too.

4.25 to 5.01

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Ali Puckett said...

Our families are such a central part of who we are! I definitely feel attached to the home I grew up in. I'm sure your parents feel that way too. Great photos! The ice cream looks yummo!