The last few days the sky has been painted in streaks of pink before the sun sets and bursts of raindrops have visited throughout the afternoons.

As I was icing Case's birthday cake today I could hear bursts of thunder in the distance. It felt perfect. I couldn't imagine anything else I would rather be doing in that moment.

We saw a quote the other day, "If you love me let me know." I wrote it down, it was so simple and beautiful. We know and I hope we always let each other know. Happy Birthday Case! xo

9.22 to 9.23


AsteropeBC said...

What a lovely description of a joyful moment!

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Beautiful description, I can picture how pretty it must be! A precious moment, a special birthday!

Stacey said...

The cake is a new favorite, can't wait to make it again!