Today it rained in spurts, tiny drops and gigantic drops, drops that brought the scent of fall...a chill and a touch of humidity at the same time, drops that tapped through the gutters long after the gray cloud had moved on, drops that spelled out tea and slippers (soon!)...it was an unexpected treat atop the already beautiful weekend.

Amidst the news of hurricanes and the aftermath I felt grateful for the light touch of weather in San Diego.

{9.3 to 9.5}


MyrnaSeptember7 said...

Hi! I don't know that much about cameras or editing so this is probably a dumb question. I was just wondering if you do anything special to make your pictures so bright. They are always so very full of light and beautiful, but is that just in how you take them or is it in editing. I'm curious :)

Stacey said...

Thank you for the nice comments about my photographs.

I always shoot in natural light, bright filtered light that isn't harsh. When I edit I may brighten and add contrast in Photoshop to enhance what is already there. :)

Boudewien said...

The photos you made are really beautifful!
I love your blog!

Stacey said...

:) thank you!

angie said...

beautiful photos! especially the first one. :-)