hearts + hermies

43 years ago today Mom and Dad eloped to North Carolina...so happy they did!
Happy Anniversary!!! love you.

last night watching the season premiere of Parenthood,
I'd like to live in one of the Braverman's homes and eat at a 
communal table with my family and twinkly lights above

{9.13 to 9.14}


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

ana said...

oh. i so want to live in grandma braverman's house. so bad. :)

lovely photos. & happy anniversary to your parents.

Gabby said...

Aww your puppy is so precious!

I love your blog! I'm new to reading it and I'm following you now :)


ThePeachTree said...

Where you off to Herms?

What a sweet tribute!

Sandy said...

Cute puppy! Congrats to your parents!

Emma said...

Your photos always make a lovely start to my day Stacey! Congratulations to your parents.

Wear The Canvas said...

Just found you via The Etsy Blog Team! Great blog, and beautiful photography! Fllowing! ;)