A nice surprise for me when I attended the vendor meeting for the upcoming Unique LA holiday show...my new deer cards are featured on the promotional postcard!  And that was in addition to being inspired by Sonja's talk and getting a delicious glazed donut while waiting in the lobby of the Grammy museum. If you are in the LA area or within a couple hours driving distance this show is very much worth it. The focus is quality unique handmade in America items! I do most all of my own holiday shopping just at this one event and sometimes you see celebrities, too! Spread the word....

Today Hermie and I snuggled and watched Big and then later E.T. which pretty much made it a perfect day...Hermie snuggles and good movies.

11.12 to 11.13


Miz.November said...

Awww. Look at little Hermie in his neck warmer. He looks so handsome. :)

Michelle said...

I love the Hermie has a cowl on... he is so cute. yeah for knitted goodies :)