farm to street


Ahh...the gourmet food truck.

San Diego can be a little sleepy sometimes, especially when compared to LA. Years ago when the food trucks were popping up there I so wanted them here in San Diego. Well now it is me who has been a little sleepy, they are here, all around and all you have to do is know their schedule and go.

My sister Pam has the luxury of enjoying the MIHO Gastrotruck on Thursdays by her work. Today the sisters and I met up for lunch. We enjoyed fried green tomato sandwiches and fries on a blanket in the shade and I brought home chocolate chip bacon cookies for later. Yum. Grateful for our little summer afternoon visit.

So then I googled it thinking wouldn't it be a great thing if there was some sort of a site with links to all the San Diego trucks and where they'll be and when...there is, right here at the San Diego Food Trucks website.

In my heart I really want my sister-in-law (Bree!) to open one, she'd be fantastic at running it, coming up with unique ideas and gathering all the right people to make it happen and be amazing. Maybe one of these days, and then I would eat there every chance I got and tell everyone else to do the same.


Miz.November said...

Oh, my Lord. That show on the cooking channel about food trucks. Eat Street or something? I could watch it all day and drool. I'm jealous.

Nicole said...

still sleepy here in NC. would you please send a wake up call, because that looks delicious.