plum girl

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Congratulations to Hillery from Handmake My Life, the winner of my summer print giveaway. This afternoon I visited her beautiful blog and shop...looking forward to sending the happy little print her way.

Over the weekend I became the mother of a plum tree. After many Sundays admiring one nearby, my parents dropped a baby one off. Possibly it was the fact that I was considering taking a few as they ripened (that would be terrible but last year so many got wasted on the ground) or that I talked about it every time I saw it. It may be awhile before I have my own fruits to enjoy but I cannot wait!
6.23 to 6.27


PonderandStitch said...

Love that kitty pic! Love plums, too- though, you know I've never been able to buy a good plum?!! I just can't pick 'em.

Anonymous said...

How exciting, a plumb tree! It's been a long time since I've known someone with a plumb tree. Plumbs right off the tree are very good. Enjoy!