from the week's end

                                         butter nail polish in pink ribbon...the color I have been looking for, forever june28tojuly0112_1 Little bits of happiness from the past few days, as June became July. 

On Sunday our family lost Bummie, a creamy kitty with a fluffy tail and big blue eyes that looked a bit crossed at times, hence the name the Bumble from the Rudolph movies. It looks like he may have had a heart attack in the early morning. Bummie was quite young and healthy and had a perfectly normal wonderful day watching outside the windows and even spying a coyote on the patio late in the night. How very loved he was, he will be remembered in the kisses and love given to one another. It is heartbreaking to realize how very fragile and precious our time with the ones we love is.

6.28 to 7.2


Angela said...

sorry to hear about your kitty! a few cats my mom has owned have ended up passing away young :( she always says she has bad luck with pets.

by the way, i have recently become obsessed with butter london nail polish and really want to get my hands on some!

laurelsbylaurie said...

Hi. I'm am so, so sorry about the loss of Bummie. We have two fairly young rescued cats and I can't imagine losing them so young.

And on the subject of Butter, I have Blowing Raspberries on my toes and I did them about thee weeks ago and they look like I did them today. Expensive polish but so worth it.

Take care. Laurie