all I want

cuteness from jbOx
homemade salted caramels (practice run) and easy-to-make-treats that taste super good
something pretty for the tree from Barb at Knack, my new faraway friend
You can enter to win one in The Good Life's Great Ornament Giveaway!
little houses I made a long time ago from a tutorial in a Martha Stewart magazine
for Christmas.


Hours to lay around watching Elf with my family, eating plain cheese pizza made from Kadee's hands, peeling oranges fresh from the tree, drinking eggnog and enjoying Pam's coconut baby cakes.

Rainy afternoons warmed by the fireplace Dad built, wrapping presents with Mom and watching Elf, again.

One whole evening with nothing else to do but decorate the tree, then fall asleep next to Case with the glow of Christmas lights softly illuminating the night.

Endless days of Sundays when places like the Post Office are closed and everyone knows the day is to rest.

Minutes that seamlessly pass into hours of knitting for no reason than just the satisfaction of the knit-knit-purl-knit-knit-purl.

The time to hibernate with Hermie like a wooly bear and her bear cub, to replenish, find new inspiration and catch up on all the sleep I missed this year.

12.07 to 12.11

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Little Gray Pixel said...

I want to wrap up this post and bring it to my house. All the images are adorable.

hopeandjoyhome said...

Those little houses are fab! I love Elf too...OK..I own a copy! LOL.. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Miz.November said...

My husband and I watch Elf every year as a tradition. We love it. My mom has been making those Rolo turtles lately. They really are super good. Addictive, actually.

I love everything about this post. LOVE IT!!

Nicole said...

Sounds perfect! Reminds me that I need to dig my knitting out. Things have been so crazy this year. I think it is time to chill out a bit! Merry Christmas!b

Stacey said...

Merry Christmas!! More Elf watching to do...