once upon a time...
...there was a beautiful, loving, giggly family with one ticklish baby, a princess daughter who wore golden shoes, and two happy parents.
I had the pleasure of photographing this very special family today. They came with smiles, cuddles, laughter and costumes, yes, very very adorable, indeed.
So while photographing quiet moments and chubby cheeks, leaves were literally falling all around us. A perfectly wonderful photo shoot to start this beautiful season!  {thank you!}

friday + saturday
a few days in bed with a cold, tiny dancer purring above my head, warm tea with honey, sleep and more sleep...so nice to be feeling better again

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{9.24 to 9.26}


M.M.E. said...

What an adorable family. I love that they came with costumes. And what a perfect time for picture-taking! Your cat is adorable.

knack said...

the pictures you took are fantastic!....and so jealous of the falling leaves:) not quite there yet here....but at least it will not hit the nineties this week!