make mine silly
The first days of school have arrived. A friend of mine wasn't able to be there for the first three days of school in his first grade room, three very important days. He entrusted his twenty-four shining stars to me (I used to teach, and now sub occasionally for friends). G. wrote down that I was his best friend, I. tied everyone's shoes in knots but was only trying to help, L. became a sprinkling of tears at every recess and lunch, T. sneezed all over me more than once, S. told me his mom would be picking him up with her top down since it was hot, and A. wore the cutest outfit in the world with sparkly toed sneakers. Delightful, a little funny and exhausting all wrapped up in one. 

a new toy

jiggly cherry jell-o made with orange juice for extra tartness

a whisper from september and the season yet to come in Dad's baby pumpkins

{8.31 to 9.2}


DK said...

Is it weird that I want those dishes? I love the color! Gorgeous set of photos.

our little love nest said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute! I especially like the mom with the top down. ;) I love the way he/she is looking menacingly at the dinosaur. That blue bowl is stunning with the shiny red jello inside and little pumpkins are the best!! Your blog is a visual happy place for me. Thank you and I hope you have a perfect long weekend! xo

April said...

My bestest friend is a kindergarten teacher and this post makes me think of him.

I also love the cat pic looking down on the toy.

knack said...

gorgeous photos....love each one and all of the fun explanations....especially the school stories...so sweet!