hi there
wasn't sure if this guy hanging on the front light was aware of me and my macro lens until he turned his tiny little head in my direction and said "hi"

maple syrup + blueberry pancakes = sunday

tuna love

the morning glory that grows by the front door has never looked as beautiful as she does this year...she is glorious in the morning and evening, I find myself admiring her often

{8.27 to 8.30}


Dawn said...

Yay! More lovely pictures.
The breakfast shot is beautiful;)
(Like them all but that's my favorite for some reason:)
Happy day to you!

Tali Schiffer said...

How cool that he looked at you!
BTW, what kind of Macro lens do you use?

Sarah Knight said...

Praying mantises are awesome little creatures, aren't they? It's so darling when they turn to look at the camera when being photographed
: )

Lovely photos!

knack said...

how ever in the world do you catch such amazing shots?! WOW! i love the mantis.....and the color in the morning glory shot is perfection!


DK said...

Oooh awesome picture of the mantis!

Mom said...

I like that the mantis and Tuna are in pretty much the same pose!

cabin + cub said...

Is that a mantis or a stick bug? My sister had a stick bug once, and sadly when it died no one noticed for a week since it just looked like one of the sticks.

Miz.November said...

There is a bright blue morning glory that grows up a guide wire that I pass on my drive to work every morning. It makes me smile every time I see it.

Kara said...

Found your blog tonight and I'm really loving it. And your Etsy shop is downright goooorgeous.

our little love nest said...

I think you are one incredible photographer. Every little photo you do is an incredibly detailed and perfected piece of art.(Also, had to say, I know I maybe shouldn't but I couldn't help but laugh at what Valerie wrote...she has a knack for making things sound so funny)