sweet tooth
I wasn't having much of my normal sweet tooth this week, but today it came back. I have been savoring these exquisite lavender sea salt caramels (two of my favorites in one) since Christmas...so then there was one.                                                                                                                     
In addition to enjoying some sweets, Case and I are on a mission to see as many movies as we can in three days, which may only be three, not very amazing, but still very rewarding. Last night we saw Milk, and I'm glad I've had a full day to really appreciate it before seeing The Wrestler tonight. Then off to Revolutionary Road tomorrow, and if we had just one more day before the Charger game and Golden Globes (Sunday) I think Frost/Nixon would've made the cut...at least we'll see it before the Oscars. Happy Weekend!


Michelle Brunner said...

These caramels look amazing and delicious! I'm glad I found your adorable blog! Have a great Friday night!

Estela said...

The caramels look soooooo tasty. I'm officially jealous.
Let us know how Revolutionary Road is!

cabin + cub said...

they look to pretty to eat! :)