I decided to watch Oprah yesterday even though I haven't really watched her show in a very long time and I am so glad I did. This week is about living your best life and all sorts of experts are on there telling how to do it, but it wasn't one of the experts or Oprah that stuck with me long after I had turned off the tv, moved onto something else and woke up this morning, it was John Diaz, a plane crash survivor. You can go here to read what he said on the show. It is a beautiful thing, no matter what you believe in and how you view spirituality, to live ones life in such a way, that when you leave this world your aura shows the brightness of the life you lived. 


LeelaBijou said...

Great post, I love the pictures you chose ;)

kim* said...

i dont watch her show...i used to skip her show after watching soaps :P

Nancy said...

Love these photographs. BTW...
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Cut Copy Create said...

cute cute cute photos!