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Right now I am in the process of planning a redesign to the blog. It originally began as a daily project to experiment and develop my photography skills and subject matter.

Inside I am not attached to that intention for the blog anymore. I have grown since it began...so a change is inevitable.

I am looking into Wordpress and am overwhelmingly delighted by the options, although possibly a subtle, yet stunning update by Blog Milk would be just right. In the future I would like to offer prints for purchase so this morning was spent researching big cartel and E-junkie.

It would be wonderful to get your feedback on what you're using and happy with and why.

Please do tell.


Anonymous said...

Love your photos here! Very nice!
Also I had a wordpress, it may still be there, but I came back to blogger because it works much better for me, it is easier to customize and the customizing I do is free. On wordpress I would have to pay to do some of the things I can do on blogger.

Miz.November said...

Your photos are like visual meditation. Beautiful, as always.
I'm sure that whatever route you take for your blog will just as beautiful as always. Wish I had web advice for you, but I'm quite blank.

Angela said...

I love those designs on blog milk! Perhaps I should have considered that (in the process of getting mine done for blogger).

People who use wordpress always seem to love it so I'm sure you would too. Do you have a society6 shop? It seems like a lot of photographers like to offer their prints there.


Meeling said...

Your photos are always lovely to look at!

Blog Milk has wonderful options - they look very much in "your style" if that makes sense!!

Personally I'm on Blogger and it works good for me - Wordpress never did appeal to me, but then again I'm not very tech savvy.