Bug Bug

Our little Ladybug.

We kissed her goodbye one week ago today.

My pillow is not warm and fluffy anymore at bedtime.
The softness and sweetness is missing. 
It is disturbingly quiet without her meow.

Grateful for this girl. Heartbroken without her. 
8.2 to 8.10


Pam said...

What a gorgeous photo of a special little girl. Ladybug was a sweet kitty who will always live in our hearts. Thank you for sharing, Stacey. <3

Miz.November said...

So sorry. Pets become such close members of our family. Our time spent with them is short, but precious.

Cathy Monetti said...

my heart breaks for you. we lost our sweet cat, tiger, two weeks ago. i am there with you, my friend.