the goods

may3112_1 may3012_1june0112_1
June already?

While Hermie is healing I find myself baking, and baking some more. Then packaging up the goodness to share. It keeps me busy and calms my nerves. A batch of chocolate chip cookies, one banana cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting, two fresh strawberry pies and three dozen rosemary lemon cookies later...

Tonight it might be banana hand pies...they've been on my mind since our trip to Singapore.

5.30 to 6.1


Miz.November said...

I'll take one of those banana cakes with the chocolate frosting. Sounds yum.
That second photo is just amazing. Send kisses to Hermie!!! xxxx

Az Life and Style said...

The pie looks amazing!

Lovely blog!

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Thank you,

Ali :)