FabricFascination said...

Beautiful. I have started a daily photo journal of the sky. My photos are not as good as these though.

Lostlemonade said...

Beautiful pictures, makes me want to take up the ol' crochet hook and get busy!

Sandra Wilkes said...

I am back to crocheting after many years. One more scarf to finish and I am ready for the big day! My hubby is getting a new camera for Christmas and he's so excited. Hopefully he'll have time to look around at some of the photo blogs out there. Do you have any faves?

keepingitindie said...

WOW - these are so gorgeous! You truly are an amazing photographer. I can do a lot of things as an artist but I am lost when it comes to photography. I truly admire those with this amazing skill.

Brandi - Keeping It Indie
via Etsy Blog Team

Anonymous said...

good news
i have already come