My sister Pam asked me to take some portraits for her website and future situations when someone asks
for a photo of her. She is an artist in every single way from hand drawn sketches to web design (<---a site she recently designed) and it was quite nice to have such a relaxing shoot. It doesn't get any easier than your very own sister who photographs beautifully and laughs and chats with you the whole time. I loved it, we could've been there all day. xo


our little love nest said...

She is too adorable!!! Your photos are so full of fun! xo

Noemi said...

Beautiful photos, and I love her hair band, so bold and full of fun. It suits her so well!!

ana said...

she is so adorable :) love that first photo.

knack said...

such beautiful shots......she is a lucky gal to have you as a photographer AND a sweet sister!! xo