Jell-O made with orange juice, Case told me that's how his mom used to make it for him. He caught a bug
and stayed home from work so I indulged him with Jell-O, chicken soup and his Star Wars pillowcase.
Remember those old bananas I had? I tried out this Martha recipe in a pie dish instead of a rectangular one,
and renamed it Brown Sugar Banana Cake it just looked and sounded prettier that way.
sneak peek of a project I'm working on with fellow Etsians...

{6.09 to 6.10}


Sarah Knight said...

Lovely & yummy!
Hope the little one is feeling better!
: )

Karen said...

I'm excited about the secret project! I would love a coffe table-esque "book" of the pictures you post on here. They are always so bright and cheerful, almost whimsical. A good break from the monotone office colors.

Meeling said...

That cake looks sooooo good...wish I had a piece with my coffee right now!!

knack said...

it's all good stuff.....every last bit of it! :)