sugar shoot

Krissy makes sweet creations from dragon fruit, strawberries, chocolate, nectarines, sugar and more...she specializes in baking and pastry (my favorite!).
march1311_2Waking up bright and early when an hour of sleep has technically disappeared is not bad at all when you
get to photograph powdered sugared berries atop creme brulee and a tower of phyllo and cream for a graduating culinary student, then take a few desserts home, too.
My sister Pam is designing a logo and website for Krissy, so it was a wonderful Sunday morning spent
with Pam, meeting Krissy, and photographing flourless cakes and perfect chocolate chip cookies.


Tali Schiffer said...

Fabulous shots! So bright and colorful! And it all looks so yummy!! She's lucky to have you as her photographer :)

QueenisF By AlessiaLoRe said...

fantastic photos.. if you want you can visit my fashion blog :)
p.s. i follow you:)

Miz.November said...

You are so lucky. Those shots are amazing and I'm sure that the food was as amazing as it looks. Yummers.

Lulu Grey said...

Wow! These are wonderful. I love your angles and lighting. So pretty.

Candace said...

Beautiful photos. You do such amazing work!!!!