shake it

I'm a shamrock shaker..

Lover of the green spearminty shake from the days when we drove through a McDonald's in our brown station wagon, no seatbelts, listening to the Pointer Sisters and actually ate there. Usually I try to get different family members to help me track down a shamrock shake. Once I found one in Washington DC.

One time Pam made me a homemade one in an effort to stop my whining about why they wouldn't serve them anymore. 

Then my dad told me he saw an ad in a McDonald's window and Kadee had heard on the radio...
so today I had my shamrock shake.

I don't need a fancy puff of whipped cream and cherry sauce on top, just the shake part. The part that
is the sweet taste of my childhood self, yum!


jessicajane said...

they serve these in Ohio ever March. When my husband and I moved out here 3 yrs ago we went to every McDonald's asking for them, most of them didn't even know what we were talking about. We were super excited to see they had them this year....now I have a craving for one! At one point they had a chocolate shamrock shake.

Stacey said...

we lived in Pennsylvania when I was younger, maybe it used to be more of a back east sort of thing :)

Sarah Knight said...

Shamrock shakes are awesome, they are the nectar of the McDonald's shake gods
; )

Katrina said...

This is a beautiful tribute to an awesome product - I love Shamrock Shakes!

Meeling said...

Yummmo! I know what I'm having for lunch today!!!

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

goodness that looks delicious!

the shamrock shakes were always my fave. when I was in high school, I worked at Mickey D's and would always have a couple shakes on my shift

...which explains the 30 pounds I gained in high school!