a few more sock days in the forecast and an afternoon to work on projects
super happy cheerful flowers with pink puffs here and there
a tower of tiny toy animals, a day with Kadee, delicious thai food, cupcakes for later and a painted sky
...most of all I've found my heart heavy, watching and listening to what unfolds each day in Japan, and then to see this beautiful microcosm, I am ever more grateful for simple luxuries and each day with the ones I love.
{3.15 to 3.16}


theolivetree said...

Love the dino photo :)

Miz.November said...

Yes. Every time I log onto my computer it seems that things just get worse in Japan. My heart truly breaks for them.

It makes our lovely days seem all the sweeter, though. Even our worst day here couldn't compare to what they are going through.

The flowers are making me smile. :)